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Walrus Audio Mako Series M1 review

We will be pretty forthright with you here… we’re in love with this pedal! Not just this pedal, but this whole series. The guys and gals at Walrus Audio really knocked it out of the park with the Mako series.

The M1 pedal is an actual work of art in every possible aspect of this product.

It is highly versatile, it sounds excellent, and it covers so much ground that it is somewhat mind-boggling to think that all of that fit into this little stompbox.

Now that the love letter part of this article is over, let’s get into the nitty-gritty!

Walrus Audio Mako Series M1 modulation pedal review

Our verdict on the Walrus Mako M1 5.0

If you want a pedal with great modulation effects, look no further! The M1 pedal from the Mako series by Walrus Audio is a real masterpiece.

It offers amazing sounds, high versatility, and a suave design, as well as a quality build. All of that adds up to a truly impressive piece of guitar gear.

If you are not familiar with the modulation sounds, this pedal might be a bit overwhelming for you. However, if you stick with it for some time, you should see a huge payoff for you.

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Features 5.0

This pedal allows you to save up to nine different presets. The banks are labeled A, B, and C and have three preset slots per bank.

The MIDI In and MIDI Thru connections allow you to get that number of presets up to 127; externally, to be exact.

Among the other cool feats is the stereo in/out and mono in/out. Also, the USB connection is also established within this bad boy.

Walrus Audio Mako Series M1 modulation pedal

The two main aspects of this pedal are the “tweak side” and the “tune side”. Located on the far left (the tweaking side) and on the far right (the tuning side), they allow for further customization of your output signal.

The tweaking side is predominantly used to shape your modulation effects. You can use it to shape your modulation effect of choice, engage the division effect, and choose your desired type of effect.

The tuning side allows you to color your frequency response. You can change the EQ of your tone from dark to bright.

Also, you can change the position of your wave shape. For example, you can use the sine wave shape, the square wave shape, the triangle wave shape, etc.

The aptly named “X” parameter is there to make your chosen setup more extreme. You can use it to accentuate your desired settings.

Controls 4.9

Okay, so, the controls themselves aren’t the most straightforward you have ever seen. However, if you stick with this pedal and get to know it, you will be delighted with the immense amount of different options you have at your disposal.

The central control here is the modulation knob. With it, you can dial one of the following effects: chorus, phaser, tremolo, vibe, rotary, and filter. You can use the aforementioned tweaking side controls to further customize your sound output.

Walrus Audio Mako Series M1 controls

As you may have expected, your typical modulation pedal controls are here! The unavoidable rate and depth knobs are very useful for making your desired effect sing.

Also, the lo-fi knob allows you to choose the right amount of the lo-fi effect. Lo-fi is a popular effect these days. It is also a great effect that can create a mood like no other! The crackling effect of the vinyl record just can’t be replaced, right?

Another amazing feature is the skip switch. You can hold it for some time and make the tail end of your modulation effect repeat for longer. It’s so good you could almost use it as a looper!

Effects 5.0

All of the effects sound absolutely amazing.

The lavish chorus effect can make your guitar sound almost angelic. If dialed properly it also thickens your guitar sound.

The phaser is usually there to cause trouble! This one is no exception, let me tell you that! It sounds menacing, yet incredibly tasty.

The tremolo effect gives you exactly what you would want from it. The pulsating textures and the rhythmic breaks are a great feat with this pedal.

The vibe and rotary effects can be too much for some, but hey, to each their own! The quality of the effects built into this pedal is stunning. Add them to your own preference, and you are good to go!

The filter effect is just another legendary effect that you can use to shape the tone and the frequency response of your guitar sound. With the M1 pedal, you guessed it – sounds amazing!

Build quality 5.0

Now, this is a sturdy pedal! This stompbox seems to be made to last. Having said that, we wouldn’t encourage testing its limits. At least for the sake of that beautiful design!

Although it seems able to withstand nuclear warfare, it doesn’t seem to weigh that much! Now that’s an impressive feat!

With proper care, we think this one may last you for a lifetime!

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