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Walrus Audio Eons review

This could just be the only fuzz pedal you will ever need! Thanks to the technological advances and the amazing work people at Walrus Audio did, you are getting the whole history of a legendary guitar effect in a single pedal!

About the author

I’m an experienced guitarist, composer, and music producer. Over the years, I garnered a lot of studio experience, as well as impressive touring mileage. My theoretical and practical knowledge of guitar gear and audio design is what I rely upon delivering my take on different pieces of gear that I review.

Walrus Audio Eons 5-state fuzz pedal review
Image: Higher Hz

Final verdict on the Walrus Eons 4.9

Don’t let the pocket-sized nature of this stompbox deceive you! You are literally getting five different pedals in one. Better yet, it’s not a cheap amalgamation of these different sounds. Every diallable setting of this pedal is more than worthy of being packaged as a standalone fuzz pedal.

The addition of the bass enhancement knob is just another showcase of the attention to detail and consumer needs of folks at Walrus Audio. All in all, the Walrus Eons is an incredibly versatile piece of gear that’s worthy of being a part of any respectable axeman’s gear arsenal!

What I like

  • Insane amount of versatility.
  • Pedal’s circuits work at different voltages, with no socket change needed.
  • Incredibly useful bass enhancement knob.

What I don’t like

  • Although reasonable, the price may be a turn-off for some.
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Features 5.0

As I have mentioned before, this pedal is comprised of five different clipping distortions. Not only that, but you can also change the voltage of the pedal’s internal circuits.

Since fuzz pedals are notorious for diminishing your low-end output, present here is an incredible feat of having an option of increasing your bass frequencies within the pedal.

Controls 5.0

As aforementioned, the EQ section presents us with a true hidden gem of this pedal. Namely, the “Bass” knob allows you to make up for any low-end frequencies you may have lost while adding fuzz. The “Treble” knob is the other useful component of the EQ section.

Of course, the usual suspect such as a “Gain” knob is also featured in this highly-versatile stompbox. The “Volume” knob goes without saying since it controls the overall output of your signal.

Walrus Eons pedal controls
Image: Higher Hz

The “Voltage” knob is the control you would use to change the voltage of the pedal’s inner circuits. The cool thing about it is that it’s not stepped. Practically speaking, it allows you to change the voltage continuously within set parameters.

And finally (well, not really), the crown jewel of this Walrus Audio pedal – the “Mode” knob! It is the very control that allows you to shift between five different fuzz stages present in this piece of gear.

Effects 5.0

With the “Mode” knob, you are enabled to engage five different types of fuzz sound.

Stage 1 uses silicone clipping and features a very smooth and compressed fuzz tone.

Stage 2 also features silicone clipping, but it delivers a much more gnarlier tone with added crunch.

Stage 3 is essentially a germanium fuzz effect that crunches away with a much more dynamic response than the previous two stages.

Stage 4 introduces LED clipping and creates the most dynamic of all the tones you can dial in with this pedal. I can safely say that is the darkest of all the tones you get here.

Stage 5 is another unique feature of this pedal. Namely, you get the silicon and LED clipping combined. That results in a sound unmatched in aggression with a lot of compression going on as well.

The “Voltage” knob also provides some insanely cool effects. Namely, once engaged in its 3 V mode, you get that “dead battery” sound some fuzz enthusiasts love so obsessively. On the other hand, if you put it into 18 V mode, you are sure to get the most aggressive sound you could possibly dial in with this pedal.

Build quality 4.5

In this department, Walrus Audio usually never disappoints. This pedal is no exception. It is very well built and is sure to survive even the most chaotic live situations. All of the materials that are used are high-quality and are packaged in a clever, user-friendly way.

Who is the Walrus Audio Eons for?

Since this is a “fuzz pedal to end all fuzz pedals,” I can safely say that I highly recommended it to anyone interested in this type of guitar effect.

Whether you are just entering the exciting world of fuzzing, or you are a seasoned fuzz-using veteran, you are sure to find everything you need within this one stompbox. Highly recommended!

Buy Walrus Audio Eons at: SweetwaterAmazon

Video demo

Watch this video by my colleague Fabio where he puts the Walrus Audio Eons five-state fuzz pedal to the test.