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Studio and recording

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The difference between mixing vs. mastering and how to master properly

Mastering has become this strange sort of urban legend, like alligators talking with aliens in the subway, whilst Ozzy Osborne kisses Gene Simmons under the Ferris wheel in “The Lost Boys”. It just isn’t that way.

In the 90’s I saw the rise of the idea that mastering was some sort of black magic. Suddenly with YouTube everyone is showing how it is done and much of it is crazier than an Alice Cooper show.

What is reverb in music?

Reverb is an often largely misunderstood part of how recorded music works.

Rather than being an added extra, the space in which a piece of music takes place, is as much part of the music as the guitars or drums.

Changing the reverb space can alter the final piece as much as changing any of the other sounds in the mix.

The definitive guide to levels in mixing and mastering

This article looks at all the main issues around understanding levels in mixing and mastering.

We look at what the numbers, like dB, RMS, VU, LUFS mean, how to use the numbers, and when not use the numbers as, after all, numbers are not art.

The 10 best music producers of all-time

Here are some of the best music producers of all time in no particular order.

For those of you interested in music production, it might be worth taking a look at the artists who have come before you to set the stage. Let’s get started.

Korg Modwave review

The Korg Modwave is the next step in the evolution of Korg’s legendary DW-8000 (1985). It’s a modern 37-key wavetable workhorse that goes deep into sound design.

ASM Hydrasynth Deluxe review

ASM shocked people with the Hydrasynth; now they are back with the Hydrasynth Deluxe. It’s a 73-key polyphonic morphing synth, and we can’t wait to take a look at it.