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Studio and recording

All the studio and recording articles, guides, tutorials, and reviews at Higher Hz.

The 5 best desktop computers for music production in 2024

In a world where you can make music with an average laptop, tablet, or even smartphone, having a high-quality desktop computer not only shows your commitment, but will most likely lead to more sophisticated and ambitious music production, thanks to the power and speed these machines offer.

Top 10 ways to make money off of your music

The age-old question: how can I make money off of my music? It’s a loaded question, no doubt, and to be completely honest, it might take some letting go of expectations on your part.

How to record acoustic guitar at home in 5 easy steps

So, you have an acoustic guitar. Maybe you even wrote a song. You want to record your ideas, but you don’t know how! Well, I’m here to help. This is a basic guideline for how to record your acoustic guitar at home in five steps.

Universal Audio 6176 review

Universal Audio’s 6176 combines two iconic pieces of outboard gear: the 610 mic preamp and the 1176LN compressor. Individually, these models are highly sought-after, so the idea of having both in a single unit should appeal to engineers and producers everywhere.

Tegeler Raumzeitmaschine review

The Raumzeitmaschine from German manufacturer Tegeler is an all-analog hardware reverb unit. It’s a high-end unit that aims to deliver authentic, natural reverbs as well as offer room for experimental or ethereal sounds.

Hardware reverb units are often a hard sell these days, so in our review, we’re looking at what it has to offer and why it might tempt potential users away from reverb plugins.