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Studio and recording

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AKG C451 B review

Today, we’ll be reviewing the AKG C451 B small-diaphragm condenser microphone.

This is a revamping of the original model, the C451, and AKG has made some modest changes to the overall design and performance.

Shure SM57 review

What is there to say about the Shure SM57 that hasn’t been said before? For starters, it’s a legendary microphone that sounds great on just about anything. It’s incredibly cheap, extremely durable, and most professionals have at least a handful of them lying around somewhere in their studio.

Shure SM58 review

If you were to simply Google image search the word “microphone”, the first thing to appear would be a picture of the Shure SM58. This particular microphone is so iconic, so reliable, and so versatile that it has become the Mickey Mouse of audio gear.

In this article, I’ll be reviewing it for anybody who has yet to be acquainted.

Lauten Audio LS-208 review

Today, we’ll be reviewing Lauten Audio’s LS-208 front-address large-diaphragm condenser microphone.

Lauten Audio is a small, family-owned company, which has been making unique boutique microphones since around 2006. Let’s see what they’ve managed to pull off with the LS-208.

AKG P120 review

Today, we’ll be reviewing the AKG P120 large-diaphragm condenser microphone.

Despite being best known for their high-grade recording technologies and innovations, AKG has a number of budget-friendly products.

The P120 may be more affordable than most other products AKG has to offer, but does its performance uphold the company’s reputation?

OneOdio Monitor 60 review

Today, we’ll be reviewing the OneOdio Monitor 60 closed-back wired studio headphones.

OneOdio is a young company based out of Hong Kong, which has a reputation for making decent and affordable audio equipment, albeit with varying results. Let’s take a closer look.