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Studio and recording

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What is reverb in music?

Reverb is an often largely misunderstood part of how recorded music works.

Rather than being an added extra, the space in which a piece of music takes place, is as much part of the music as the guitars or drums.

Changing the reverb space can alter the final piece as much as changing any of the other sounds in the mix.

Shure SM7B review

In this review, I’ll be taking a look at the Shure SM7B dynamic microphone. Some of you may be familiar with this microphone as the one Michael Jackson used on Thriller. If not, now you are. Let’s get started.

Song structure: Verse, chorus, and other parts

For a song (or piece of music) to work it must have a structure. This is commonly built around verses and chorus.

That structure is called an arrangement. The arrangement helps deliver the story of the song in a form that is not only entertaining, but also one delivers the progression of the story being told.

The 5 best microphones for recording electric guitar amps in 2023

When it comes to recording electric guitar, there are a myriad of factors to be taken into account.

What kind of guitar are you using? Are you running it through any pedals? What kind of amp are you using? Is it solid-state? A tube amp, perchance?

All of these things can drastically change the sounds you’re capable of producing.

What are chord progressions? Music theory simplified

Chords and chord progressions in music are far easier to understand than most people think.

We look at the basics of theory in the simplest way possible to help you to be more capable of doing cool things.