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Solid State Logic Connex review

Today, we’ll be reviewing the SSL Connex USB conferencing microphone.

Solid State Logic’s reputation is legendary, and the company is often at the forefront of innovation in the realm of audio. The Connex has specifically been marketed as a conference mic, aimed towards folks and businesses looking for a decent microphone for meetings and video conferences.

Let’s take a look to see if there’s anything else it can do.

Aston Element review

Today, we’ll be reviewing Aston Microphone’s Element, which is an active moving coil microphone. Aston Microphones are well-known for their unique and innovative designs and high-quality microphones, so we’re curious to see how this microphone stands up against the company’s reputation. Let’s get into it.

Coles 4038 review

Today, we’ll be reviewing the Coles 4038 studio ribbon microphone. This is a legendary microphone which has been used in the recording industry for decades. Will be examining the microphone’s key features and capabilities, as well as its suitability for various recording applications.

Rode Podcaster review

Today, we’ll be taking a look at the Rode Podcaster microphone. If you have an interest in starting a podcast but don’t have much of a recording setup, you may have started looking into USB microphones as a first step.

Rode is a phenomenal company and has a myriad of great products, but let’s see if the Podcaster lives up to the company’s reputation.

Universal Audio SD-1 review

Today, we’ll be reviewing the Universal Audio SD-1 cardioid dynamic microphone.

Universal Audio is a huge name within the industry, and are often amongst the leading innovators of audio technology. This microphone isn’t necessarily the most expensive microphone out there, but it isn’t truly a budget mic either. Anyway, let’s take a deeper look and see what it has to offer.