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The best budget audio interfaces for $200, $100, and $50 in 2024

While audio production and engineering isn’t the most financially sound hobby or passion, there are many options out there that are perfectly affordable.

Today, we’ll be going over a handful of budget-friendly audio interfaces that I consider to be best of their class.

Native Instruments Kontrol S Mk3 review: The ultimate keyboard controller for producers?

I’ve been a fan of these keyboards since the original Kontrol S series was released, but I found better value for money elsewhere due to the very high asking price.

Now, the Kontrol S Mk3 promises to redefine our expectations of a keyboard controller, and I admit, at first look, I’m excited. In this review, I’ll find out if the Kontrol S88, S61, and S49 Mk3 are worth every penny.

Telefunken TF51 review: Affordable sonic excellence

Telefunken, a name often associated with pre-war era microphones and preamps, has been based in Connecticut since 2001. The company specializes in creating authentic recreations of classic mics like the U 87/47 and the C12.

While the price tags of these recreations have typically aligned with the originals, Telefunken aims to make this technology more accessible to the modern engineer.

Drum machines, samplers, and grooveboxes explained

Drum machines, samplers, and grooveboxes are often used to do the same or similar things. The similarities are so prominent that the term drum machine is now generally accepted in reference to all three in the correct context.

The best audio interfaces in 2024 for beginners and pros

Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to record music. Nearly every audio interface available has the capability to capture sound at the same quality of professional-grade consoles. While this isn’t to say that all interfaces are created equal, high-quality units are more accessible than ever.

AKG P120 vs. Audio-Technica AT2020: A side-by-side comparison

In this article, I’ll be pitting two extremely cost-effective microphones against one another: the AKG P120 and Audio-Technica’s AT2020. Both are comfortably priced at around $100, offering an affordable entry point for budding musicians, podcasters, and content creators alike.

Let’s dive in and see how they compare against each other.