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The 8 best studio headphones for music production in 2023

Whether you’re recording, monitoring, at home, or a professional studio, headphones are always going to be a necessity. Throughout my career, I’ve tested a wide range of cans, and in this article, I’ll show you what I consider to be the best studio headphones in 2023 to help you get the most out of your music productions.

IK Multimedia iRig HD X review

The iRig HD X is one of the latest installments from IK Multimedia. It’s a compact guitar interface that presents itself as an ingenious solution to mobile recording and augmenting your live performance rig. Let’s take a closer look and see whether it deserves a place in your arsenal.

Which comes first? Music or lyrics? The 3 different approaches

As a private instructor and songwriting coach, I’ve received a lot of the same types of questions from students over the years when it comes to writing songs. One of the most commonly occurring questions looks something along the lines of: “Hey Aaron, when you’re writing songs, do you start with the lyrics? Or does the music come first?”

How to write powerful lyrics for your music in 7 steps

If you ask most songwriters what their biggest challenges are when starting something new, you’re likely to hear the topic of lyrics come up. I can immediately relate to this as I personally feel that the music you are writing can convey emotions on a level far deeper than any words can begin to articulate.

The 7 best headphones for mixing and mastering in 2023

Any music producer worth their salt understands the importance of a solid mix and master. It can make or break the impact of a track and if something is muddy, harsh, or unrefined it can take the listener out of the moment and ruin the experience.

In this article, I’ll be providing you with what I consider to be the best headphones for mixing and mastering music in 2023, all of which I’ve tested myself.