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Sonus Faber Lumina III review: Impeccable sound and timeless craftsmanship

Last month, I had the chance to test out a listening room of a Sonus Faber aficionado for the first time. Being born and raised not far from Arcugnano, Italy, where the company started in the 80s, I’ve always been proud of this little gem of design and audio fidelity that’s a household name in the audiophile world.

The company embodies the essence of high-end audio focused on craftsmanship and innovative design, giving that “Made in Italy” vibe you’ll love if you value aesthetics as much as high-quality.

The Lumina is Sonus Faber’s affordable series, which maintains the company’s traditional approach while costing a fraction of the Aida or Il Cremonese, the last of which costs around $55k a pair.

But did Sonus Faber compromise on sound quality by entering a more affordable market segment? In the review, I’ll tell you my experience with the Lumina III, a floor-standing speaker that sounds and looks superb.

Sonus Faber Lumina III speaker closeup
Image: Sonus Faber

Final verdict on the Lumina III 4.7

Drawing inspiration from the company’s upper-tier products, the Lumina III is an excellent floor-stander that combines the renowned craftsmanship of the Italian brand with state-of-the-art audio technology, while being reasonably priced.

The sound is fresh, immersive, and vibrant, which feels perfect for classical music but won’t draw back when facing engaging EDM or rock records.

With a price of around $2,400 a pair, the Lumina III entered the competitive realm of mid-fi audiophiles, where there are plenty of valuable options, often more affordable.

Still, a unique design and the knowledge of having a floorstander that embodies tradition and cutting-edge tech is enough to make the Lumina III one of the best tower speakers you can get in this price range.

What I like

  • Excellent soundstage and performance across genres.
  • Beautifully-designed.
  • Coming from a manufacturer that brings to life timeless, high-end products.
  • Easy to place within the room.

What I don’t like

  • If heavy bass is paramount to you, you might want to look elsewhere.
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Why you should trust me

I’m an audiophile and audio engineer with over 10 years of experience in the music industry.

Marco Sebastiano Alessi, author and contributor at Higher Hz

When testing speakers, I’m interested in clarity and neutrality, first and foremost, but I also want the sound to be enjoyable and engaging.

When I use my hi-fi equipment for deep-listening sessions, I pay attention to the quality of frequency response across the spectrum, and when it comes to floor-standing speakers, it’s crucial they can perfectly reproduce whichever music I throw at them.

Build and design 5.0

The Sonus Faber Lumina III feels like a carefully built and elegantly designed speaker, borrowing elements from the high-end Sonetto range and the Guarneri Tradition without looking like a cheap version of the more expensive floor-standers.

The speaker comes with a three-way crossover design and dual speaker terminals that offer excellent flexibility. It features a 29mm Damped Apex Dome silk tweeter, a 150 mm pulped paper midrange driver, and two newly developed 150 mm bass drivers, all equipped with unique features that provide impressive low-frequency performance.

Lumina series speaker manufacturing
Image: Sonus Faber

The stunning design features a multi-layer wood construction, available in three finishes with chrome accents and artificial leather wrapping most of the cabinet. The tower speaker is 39 inches in height and stands on a fixed, compact plinth, giving some artistic vibe to the modern lines with its tall and slim design.

Minimalist in terms of aesthetics, the Lumina III showcases all the beauty and solidity the Italian manufacturer is known for.

Compatibility 4.5

The sensitivity rating of 89 dB, while not exceptional, strikes a good balance between power requirements and performance.

The Lumina III’s impedance is 4 ohms, which makes it comfortably compatible with a variety of amplifiers; however, Sonus Faber suggests an amplifier power range between 50 and 250 watts to ensure that the speaker can handle both moderate and higher-powered setups.

Sonus faber Lumina III in home theater setup
Image: Sonus Faber

The speaker’s crossover frequencies of 350 Hz and 3.5 kHz offer a seamless transition between the drivers, which enhances the Lumina III’s ability to reproduce music with accuracy and clarity across a wide range of genres and audio sources.

As you’d expect from Sonus Faber, the branded, high-quality capacitors further improve sonic performance, and with nickel-plated binding posts for bi-wiring on the rear panel, the speaker offers versatility when connecting to your audio system.

Sound 4.9

All in all, the Sonus Faber Lumina III offers an impressive experience with a balanced blend of strengths and unique sound qualities.

Its dedicated midrange driver provides emphasis on vocals and critical instruments, and the same goes for the tweeter, which offers detail refinement and a seamless transition between drivers.

One of Lumina III’s best qualities is its ability to present music in an easy-to-listen manner. While I wouldn’t call it a “warm” speaker, it provides smoothness and tonal richness that encourages extended listening sessions without fatigue.

Sonus faber Lumina III in hi-fi setup
Image: Sonus Faber

For instance, when listening to “Dancing with the Moonlit Knight” by Genesis, the speaker maintains a full presentation as the song gradually reaches its climax, reproducing the frenetic energy of the performance while presenting it with coherence and stability.

However, despite the dual bass drivers, the Lumina III’s low-end response is not top-notch. Sonus Faber appears to prioritize driver integration over bass impact, so if you are looking for speakers that give you that chest-thumping bass, this may not be the ideal choice. This also has a subtle but perceptible effect on the sense of scale this speaker gives.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, a less powerful bass results in enhanced speed and dynamics. Contrary to the stereotype of Sonus Faber speakers being laid-back, the Lumina III presents a level of speed and attack that is surprisingly good, something I could clearly hear when playing “Rutti” by Slowdive, a track defined by subtle transitions and demanding spatiality.

Above all, the Lumina III offers audiophiles a harmonious and cohesive listening experience. Even the not-so-impressive bass performance seamlessly fits within the overall soundstage, bringing to life a consistent sound that works well across genres and will fit every listening room.

Compared to other floor-standers

Impeccable sound and timeless design make the Lumina III one of my personal favorites in the floor-stander market. But here are a few alternatives to consider.

Lumina III vs Lumina V

In terms of sound performance, both the Lumina III and Lumina V offer the unmistakable Sonus Faber house sound: emphasis on vocal clarity, a refined midrange, and impressive sonic details.

Due to its larger size, the Lumina V offers a more extended bass response and a heightened sense of scale, which is the Lumina III’s only downside, as far as I’m concerned. On the other hand, the Lumina III is cheaper while still maintaining the Sonus Faber sound profile.

Lumina III vs Monitor Audio Silver 300 7G

Slightly more expensive than the Lumina III, the Silver 300 7G is another good floor-standing speaker that provides versatility and ease of use.

To me, the Silver 300 7G has a more powerful bass response but doesn’t offer the same level of imaging or high-end accuracy of the Lumina III, so unless you’re a big fan of bass-heavy music, I’d definitely go for the Sonus Faber’s floor-stander.

Lumina III vs Wharfedale Evo4.4

The Wharfedale Evo4.4 has a well-known dynamic and punchy sound, with a strong emphasis on bass performance, which makes it ideal for those who enjoy bass-heavy music genres.

In contrast, the Lumina III delivers a smoother and more refined presentation, making it a better option for enthusiasts of classical or jazz music, where midrange detail is paramount.

It all comes down to what you value the most, whether it’s the engaging sound or sonic transparency.

Who are the Sonus Faber Lumina III floor-standers best suited for?

The Lumina III is for the audiophile who can’t invest tens of thousands of dollars on a floor-stander but still wants to enjoy the quality of Sonus Faber’s iconic speakers.

These tower speakers are beautiful to look at and sound exceptional, but if you’re on a tight budget, there are great options at a slightly more accessible price.

All in all, if you can afford them, these speakers are a great investment for those who value impeccable sound, great craftsmanship, and timeless aesthetics.

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