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Sontronics Podcast Pro review

Today, we’ll be reviewing the Sontronics Podcast Pro microphone. Sontronics may be a lesser known company to some of you, but it does have some fairly reputable products. Let’s see if the Podcast Pro does anything to bolster said reputation.

Sontronics Podcast Pro microphone review

Our verdict on the Podcast Pro 2.0

This microphone is only good for podcasting, and even then, you’re probably better off getting a better microphone that’s a bit more expensive, like the Shure SM7B. You can’t really use this microphone for anything else.

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Polar pattern and frequency response 3.0

The Sontronics Podcast Pro is a supercardioid microphone with a reported frequency response of 50 Hz – 15 kHz. It has a sensitivity of about -50 dBV, and an output impedance of 600 Ohms.

Sontronics Podcast Pro frequency response

The microphone seems fairly flat for how moderately priced it is. We tend to be somewhat wary of microphones specifically targeted towards the “podcast community”, considering that most of them are cheaply-made, plastic, USB microphones that aren’t really worth the time of day.

However, the Podcast Pro performs decently despite all of this. Its response is somewhat neutral, and the mic houses an internal pop filter that deals with plosives incredibly well.

Podcasting 4.0

If all you’re going to be doing is speaking softly into the microphone, it will do a fairly decent job at capturing your voice honestly.

You can EQ yourself in post to compensate for the microphone’s lack of high end. The internal pop filter does a great job at blocking out plosives and sibilance issues.

Studio vocals 3.0

While we can’t say that this is the ideal microphone for recording vocals in the studio, it performs well enough to be considered when testing out microphones.

Sontronics Podcast Pro tested with microphone stand

However, there are many other microphones that will fare better for this purpose. Check out our best vocal microphones article.

Live vocals 1.0

We can’t recommend the Podcast Pro at all for live applications. Just stick with a classic SM58 or SM57 and call it a day.

Drums 1.0

Drums may be too loud for this microphone, so you may want to find something with a higher SPL.

Guitar amps 2.0

Not much here to suggest that the Podcast Pro would be good for recording electric guitar. Of course, we’re not going to stop you from trying.

Bass amps 1.0

The lowest frequency this microphone is capturing is 50 Hz, so it’s not ideal for recording bass. Perhaps you can use it as an additional microphone to flesh out the midrange.

Acoustic guitar 2.0

Again, you’re probably not going to want to record acoustic guitars with this microphone.

You won’t capture any sparkle or shimmer from your guitar, which is usually what you want.

Build quality 4.0

The Podcast Pro looks like the most general “broadcast microphone” you’ve ever seen in your life.

It’s a little chunky but surprisingly lightweight. It doesn’t feel cheap however, and it seems durable enough to take a few drops to the floor.

Compared to other microphones

Here are a few microphones to compare against the Sontronics Podcast Pro.

Podcast Pro vs. Rode PodMic

The Rode is cheaper and apparently has a wider frequency response. Get the Rode.

Podcast Pro vs. Audio-Technica AT2020

Get the AT2020, it’s more versatile and sounds far better than the Sontronics. It’s also roughly the same price.

Prodcast Pro vs. Shure SM58

The SM58 is a bona fide classic and is a much better option than the Podcast Pro. You can use it on virtually anything and they’re dirt cheap. Go for the SM58.

Who is the Sontronics Podcast Pro best suited for?

The Sontronics Podcast Pro is best suited for hobbyists who are curious about venturing into the world of podcasting. That’s it.

  • Good for podcasting.
  • Somewhat affordable.
  • Not good for anything except podcasting.