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Singing and songwriting

All the singing/songwriting guides, lists, and tutorials at Higher Hz.

Top 7 best easy songs for beginners to sing (all voice types)

Embarking on a singing journey can be both exciting and challenging, especially for beginners. To make your debut singing experience a smooth one, I created a curated list of seven songs tailored for all voice types, from bass to baritone to soprano and alto and beyond!

Top 7 ways to start a song, even during writer’s block

How do you start a song anyway? It can be overwhelming right? Instantly, the mind locks up as you feel the weight of your own herculean expectations you’ve set upon yourself to come up with something absolutely amazing out of thin air in record time bearing down upon you. You feel the self-imposed pressure and before you know it, you’re paralyzed.

Which comes first? Music or lyrics? The 3 different approaches

As a private instructor and songwriting coach, I’ve received a lot of the same types of questions from students over the years when it comes to writing songs. One of the most commonly occurring questions looks something along the lines of: “Hey Aaron, when you’re writing songs, do you start with the lyrics? Or does the music come first?”