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Schecter C-6 Deluxe review: Amazing value for your money

If you want a straightforward, highly affordable, well-made guitar, the C-6 Deluxe by Schecter is something you should check out!

Although, often labeled as beginner guitars, let me tell you – there’s nothing entry-level about this guitar in terms of quality! The only beginner characteristic of this guitar series is the affordable price.

Schecter C-6 Deluxe Diamond series guitars
Image: Higher Hz

Final verdict on the Schecter C-6 Deluxe 4.5

The Schecter C-6 Deluxe is an all-around great guitar. It is really well-built and playable. It is a reliable instrument that is sure to serve you well for years to come.

On top of that, the range of different finishes all look great and you are sure to find a color that matches your taste. I like the fact that it is lightweight, but not at the expense of a full-rounded frequency response.

Although not an ideal pick for every genre, you are sure to be getting a guitar that can do a good enough job in all stylistic scenarios. Having said this, this guitar is sure to be an ideal pick for any hard rock and distortion-driven music genre.

All in all, the C-6 Deluxe is a very good instrument whose price is in the beginner range, but the quality that it provides goes far and beyond the newbie price tag.

What I like

  • Straightforward in terms of controls and hardware, yet reasonably versatile sonically.
  • Great tuning stability and reliability.
  • Great playability.
  • Good build quality with great-looking finish options.
  • Affordable price.

What I don’t like

  • Some may find the simplistic controls a bit too limiting.
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Why you should trust me

Djordje Lukovic author

I’m an experienced guitarist, composer, and music producer. Over the years, I garnered a lot of studio experience, as well as impressive touring mileage. My theoretical and practical knowledge of guitar gear and audio design is what I rely upon delivering my take on different pieces of gear that I review.


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Woodwork 4.0

The body is made out of basswood. It is a very lightweight type of tonewood that ensures the high portability of this guitar. It has a nice rounded frequency response that provides you with a very well-balanced tone.

What you get here is a nice maple neck accompanied by a rosewood fingerboard. Those two in conjunction furthermore add to the well-rounded tone throughout the whole desirable frequency spectrum.

Electronics 4.0

This guitar comes packed with two humbucker pickups. Both the bridge and the neck pickups are Schecter Diamond Plus pickups. They sound amazing in both clean and distorted scenarios. However, I found them a bit lacking in the low-end department.

Schecter C-6 Deluxe pickups closeup
Image: Higher Hz

The three-way switch allows for three different sonic options that work equally well in their own respective manners.

As I have mentioned before, this is a straightforward guitar! You get one volume potentiometer and only one tone knob! No tone-dialing headaches here!

Hardware 4.0

The hardware you get here is Schecter stock stuff. It is of reasonable quality and reliability. I really like the addition of the tune-o-matic bridge with the string-thru body design. It gives the guitar a great deal of resonance.

Schecter C-6 Deluxe pickups and bridge
Image: Higher Hz

The fretboard comes packed with 24 X-Jumbo frets that give you that extra maneuver space.

Playability 5.0

The thin C-shaped neck makes for a real player-friendly experience. It is a very comfortable and fast-playing neck. What really adds to that is the 14-inch fretboard radius. The addition of the volute is something that I highly appreciate.

The fixed bridge is another key point here. It really adds to the overall tuning stability.

Build quality 4.5

The Schecter C-6 Deluxe electric guitar is a really well-built instrument. It is solid, sturdy, and reliable. Better yet, all of the finishes are really suave-looking! Overall, the quality of this guitar far exceeds the price tag it comes with.

Schecter C-6 Deluxe head and tuners
Image: Higher Hz

Compared to other electric guitars

The C-6 Deluxe is a great option at this price point. But let’s see how this guitar compares to other similarly priced options on the market.

In case you want a relatively similar guitar to this one but with an added Floyd Rose tremolo system, check out the Jackson Dinky JS32. It’s a cool upgrade for anyone who wants some dive-bombing action to be readily available on his or her guitar.

If you are into single-coil pickups, make sure to check out the Squier Affinity Stratocaster. It will give you some legendary rock tones at a reasonable price.

Who is the Schecter C-6 Deluxe electric guitar best suited for?

Considering the price tag, you could easily put this guitar in the beginner category. And quite rightly so! However, the quality of this guitar far exceeds the “beginner guitar” moniker.

Sound-wise, this guitar can be equally adept at both softer and more aggressive music genres. You can play anything from classic rock up to modern-day high-gain metal genres.

However, it might not be a preferred axe of choice for someone who would like the sound of single-coil pickups.

See Schecter C-6 Deluxe at: Guitar CenterAmazon

Video demo

Watch this video by my colleague Fabio where he puts the Schecter C-6 Deluxe electric guitar to the test.