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Samson Resolv SE8 review

Today, we’ll be reviewing the Samson Resolv SE8 two-way active studio monitors.

Samson products tend to be somewhat overlooked by avid professionals, and the company definitely doesn’t have the clout that bigger industry standard companies might. However, sometimes surprises are inevitable, and we don’t turn anything away.

Let’s see what the Resolvs have to offer.

Samson Resolv SE8 studio monitors review
Image: Higher Hz

Our verdict on the Resolv SE8 4.5

The Resolv SE8 is a versatile monitor that offers superb stereo imaging for recording, post-production and other multimedia applications.

Its accurate tonal balance and high frequency lift control make it easy to optimize for different mixing environments, while its AV shielding and solid construction make it a durable option for any recording studio.

Overall, it’s a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable and quality studio monitor.

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Power and frequency response 4.5

The Resolv SE8 features a frequency response of 40 Hz – 27 kHz, which is more than standard and ideal for most purposes. However, a sub might be worth considering if you’re trying to dial in those sub-40 Hz rumbles.

That being said, the bass was incredibly tight to our ears, and the high-end felt airy and natural. There weren’t any peaks or dips that we could easily notice, at least there weren’t any that sounded unpleasant.

Overall, the performance is detailed, accurate, and the imaging here is phenomenal.

I/O and controls 4.0

The monitor features balanced 1/4-inch inputs, XLR, unbalanced RCA inputs, and the package includes a power cable and user manual.

The monitor also features a high-frequency level control, allowing you to dial between -2 dB, 0 dB, +2 dB, and +4 dB. There is also a switch to change the voltage output, between 120 VAC and 240 VAC.

Build quality 4.5

In terms of build quality, the Resolv SE8 is constructed with a solid MDF and is AV-shielded for operation near CRT monitors and other sensitive electronics.

This is a very durable monitor, and the speaker seems to have been constructed soundly. If you tap on the sides, there are no resonances we noticed.

Compared to other studio monitors

Here are a few alternatives to consider instead of the Resolv SE8.

Resolv SE8 vs. JBL 308P Mk2

The JBL monitors are slightly more expensive than the Samson monitors, but they offer a wider frequency response. Both monitors include a high frequency lift control, but the JBLs also have an onboard EQ that allows for even more precise adjustments.

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Resolv SE8 vs. Kali Audio LP-8 V2

Aside from having a slightly wider frequency response, the Kalis share a lot in common with the Resolvs. Both are similarly priced, and both sound fairly detailed and accurate.

Our ears prefer the LP-8 but this might be more subjective than anything. If you’re debating between the two, see if you can try to shoot them out in person before making your decision.

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Resolv SE8 vs. Adam Audio T8V

The Adam monitors are more expensive than the Samson monitors and offer a slightly wider frequency response of 35 Hz – 25 kHz. The Adams also have a more advanced bass reflex design that allows for a more accurate low-frequency response.

Both models include a high frequency lift control, but the T8V also have a room compensation control to optimize the sound for different environments.

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Who is the Samson Resolv SE8 best suited for?

The Resolv SE8 studio monitors are well-suited for music producers and engineers who are looking for an accurate and reliable monitoring solution.

  • Accurate tonal balance.
  • Tight bass response.
  • 4-position high frequency lift control.
  • Design is rather plain.
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