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Pianos and keyboards

All the piano and keyboard articles, guides, and tutorials at Higher Hz.

Montage M8x review: Most anticipated Yamaha synth in years

The Montage M8x is the latest addition to the Montage lineup and Yamaha’s new flagship keyboard. The Montage M8x promises to be much more than a synth; it appears to be the ultimate workstation keyboard for performers.

In this review, we’ll find out if one of the most anticipated releases in some time lives up to the hype.

The 12 most iconic piano/keyboard riffs ever

Keyboard riffs don’t always develop the same legendary status that iconic guitar riffs do, but we keyboardists have our moments. I’ve been thinking about the most iconic keyboard riffs of all time, particularly those that shape many musicians’ early working lives.

Korg Liano review: Premium piano tones at budget prices

The Korg Liano is an 88-key, budget-friendly stage piano aimed primarily at beginners. With a few premium touches, Korg’s Liano should provide stiff competition to every other keyboard in its class.

Having tested many beginner keyboards, I’d expect the Liano to deliver a good piano sound in a reasonably portable package. In this review, we’ll find out if the Korg Liano meets expectations.

The 8 best Yamaha keyboards and digital pianos for 2024

Yamaha is one of the few manufacturers with a stellar reputation for creating excellent instruments for all levels and budgets. That reputation, whether buying a concert grand piano or a beginner keyboard, makes Yamaha one of the most popular and trusted brands by students and professionals.

With so many great options, I’m picking out the best Yamaha keyboards and digital pianos available right now.

The 15 greatest classical piano pieces/concertos ever

The piano brings together every element of music like nothing else. Pianists often deal with melody, harmony, rhythm, and percussion simultaneously, making the piano an incredibly expressive and dynamic instrument.

Much of the most beautiful and challenging classical music ever written was written for the piano, and I’ve picked out my favorites.