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Pianos and keyboards

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The 8 best digital piano and keyboard brands in 2024

So many keyboard instruments are available, but a relative handful of brands typically dominate the market.

Of course, there are always a few exceptions, but in this article, I’m looking at the brands that consistently produce the highest quality keyboards and digital pianos year after year.

The 9 best digital pianos and keyboards for home and stage

After testing a wide selection of instruments, I’ve picked out the best digital pianos and keyboards available in 2024.

In this article, I’ll discuss the best instruments for a wide range of pianists, from beginners to professionals.

The 6 best 88-key weighted keyboards that feel realistic

The weight of piano keys allows players to control dynamics with greater precision and play with incredible expression. By that logic, if a keyboard doesn’t have authentic weighted keys, you’ll never get the best out of its sound.

I’ve tested a wide range of keyboards and digital pianos with weighted keys to find the ones that provide the most realistic piano experience.

The 12 most famous blind pianists of all time

The talent on this list is frightening, and when we add the fact that these musicians were legally blind, it’s hard to believet.

Not only are these pianists some of the most gifted musicians in their field, but they have some of the most inspirational stories too.

The 5 best keyboards and digital pianos for beginners and kids

Learning to play the piano starts with choosing the right first instrument, and it’s a more impactful choice than many beginners realize.

I have tested and reviewed a wide range of instruments, and here are my top picks of the best keyboards and digital pianos for beginners and kids.

The 5 best digital pianos and keyboards under $1000 in 2024

As you venture closer to the $1000 mark, it’s increasingly important to get the most out of your money; it’s a serious investment. There are plenty of worthy choices in this price range to suit advanced beginners, intermediate players, and even some pro players.

To ensure you make the right investment, I’ve tested an extensive selection of suitable instruments to bring you my picks for the best digital pianos and stage pianos under $1000.