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Top 5 advanced Serum techniques you can apply right now

It can be extremely daunting to open up a fresh patch in Serum, stare at the blank slate in front of you, and try to get from the default saw wave to a head-crushing bass sound, or a gentle bell pad.

This list is to give you a few places to start your sound design process, and to set you up with some common techniques you can keep in your back pocket, which you could probably use in other synth plugins too!

Top 10 easy songs for banjo beginners (with tutorials)

Taking the plunge into the world of banjo playing can be a daunting task. For many, knowing where to start is by far the hardest hurdle to overcome, especially for beginners.

I know how overwhelming it can be at first, so that’s why I’ve created a list of easy banjo songs to get you started.

The 4 best in-ear monitors for stage and studio in 2024

Personal story here. Last night I was jamming with a few friends, and I played the drums in a song that revolved around a long guitar loop. The loop acted as the song’s foundation and rhythm, which “forced” me to follow the tempo provided by the loop for the jam’s duration (around 12 minutes). It was a new thing for me, and as I was playing I often had to turn to listen to the stage monitor to make sure I was following the loop. That’s when I thought: if I ever...

Top 10 most popular banjo songs and famous tunes you should know

The banjo is usually associated with folk and country music, but the instrument’s versatility has led it to be featured in nearly every genre in the world, from jazz and rock to techno.

In this article, I’ll be going over the top 10 most popular banjo songs and famous tunes that garnered widespread recognition in the music industry.

The 5 best portable digital audio players in 2024: MP3 to hi-res DAPs

Today, we’re overwhelmed by the number of portable devices available to music enthusiasts willing to invest in a dedicated music player.

In this article, we’ll look at the best portable audio players on today’s market, ranging from simple and affordable MP3 players to high-end, hi-res DAPs to experience the music in the highest possible fidelity.

KEF KC62 review: Compact, powerful, immersive

Long gone are the days when subwoofers had to be big, bulky and heavy to provide a deep sound. Yet even nowadays, manufacturers look for a balance between aesthetics and performance, and when it comes to subs, results are uncertain at best. Introducing the KEF KC62. Released in 2021, the tiny 10-inch cube took the audiophile community by storm, delivering a sound no one thought possible with such a small sub: a combination of power, depth, and versatility you’ll hardly find in any other...