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The 12 most famous blind pianists of all time

The talent on this list is frightening, and when we add the fact that these musicians were legally blind, it’s hard to believet.

Not only are these pianists some of the most gifted musicians in their field, but they have some of the most inspirational stories too.

Studio monitors vs regular speakers: What’s the difference?

Whether you’re setting up your first recording studio, home theater or hi-fi system, you’ll probably have to do some research on the best speakers that can help you create the perfect environment for your creativity or entertainment.

That’s when you’ll come across the terms “studio monitor” and “hi-fi speaker” and wonder: aren’t they the same thing?

Bowers & Wilkins 606 S3 review: Most revealing speaker at $1000

It’s no trivial task to exceed expectations when your predecessor is a legend like the B&W 606 S2. Yet the 606 S3, the latest standmounter in the 600 series, features palpable sonic differences when compared to the S2, and mostly on the positive side.

Top 11 easy cello songs for beginners

The cello has given birth to some of the greatest musical works in history, as well as many of the best musicians of the past and present. Absolutely every cellist we admire was once a beginner and had to traverse the difficult path of learning to play the instrument. Whether they’re world-famous or playing in their living room with friends or at a family gathering, they’ve learned these songs that one could argue are as important as the most iconic pieces. After all, they are the...

The 5 best budget integrated amplifiers and receivers under $500

If you just entered the world of high-fidelity sound, chances are you’re reluctant to spend thousands of dollars on a high-end audio system.

Luckily, an integrated amplifier is not just a convenient solution to simplify your sound system setup; it’s also a budget-friendly way to enrich your listening experience. It adds character to your music and allows for adjustments to create your ideal sound.

What are hertz (Hz) and frequency in sound and music

Imagine sound as a pulsating wave, traveling through air and bridging the gap between its original source and your ear canal, where it’s captured and decoded by your brain.

The science behind the sonic realm is as fascinating as it is articulated, and one of the most fundamental concepts in the field is the role of hertz and frequency in sound. These are the building blocks of not just music, but the way we perceive audio in all its forms.