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Musical instruments

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The 9 best online piano lesson apps and platforms in 2024

Learning to play the piano online has never been more popular, but with no shortage of online courses, choosing the best one is no easy task. I decided to find the best online piano lesson platforms in 2024 to make your choice easier.

Piano Marvel review: The best online piano lessons so far

In this review, I’m taking a look at Piano Marvel, one of the largest piano lesson platforms online. Piano Marvel offers a massive amount of content and is trusted by many professional music educators. I’m going to find out if it’s as good in the home as it is in the classroom.

Yousician Piano review: Good platform for aspiring hobbyists

Yousician is one of the first names that comes to mind when thinking of online music lessons. It’s a platform that’s been around for a while and continues to grow. In this review, I’ll discuss what it offers and give insight into my Yousician Piano experience. Let’s get started.

Neural DSP Quad Cortex review

This piece of hardware modeler is so complex and versatile that it’s kind of hard to do it justice in a review article form. If you are interested in a great modeling amp that features a huge number of amps, cabinets, and impulse responses, and that’s also a great capture machine, make sure to read on!

The 6 best guitar amps for beginners to buy in 2024

You know how it is: you have just bought your first guitar and barely managed to sort through all the superabundant options on the market, and pick the right one. The same thing is expected to happen when buying your first guitar amplifier, right?