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Walrus Audio Mako Series M1 review

We will be pretty forthright with you here… we’re in love with this pedal! Not just this pedal, but this whole series. The guys and gals at Walrus Audio really knocked it out of the park with the Mako series.

The 3 best ways to learn how to play guitar in 2023

The current state of affairs is probably the best climate ever to pick up a new instrument and learn how to play.

The wonders of technology that are currently surrounding us, provide us with an infinite amount of different learning possibilities.

The 15 best guitar solos of all time

One of the main factors of the Cultural Revolution that took place in the 20th century was rock ‘n roll itself.

Spearheading the age of spiritual and social change were the big rock bands of that era.

The 6 best guitar brands on the market in 2023

If playing guitar is your kink, then you can be sure that you are living in the golden age of guitar manufacturing. It may be somewhat controversial, but it would be difficult for anyone to disagree with that statement.

Fender JV Modified ’50s Telecaster review

As with all of its JV series counterparts, this guitar could be the dictionary definition of a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”.

If you want to find out what makes this Fender Tele model so special, make sure to read on. We are going to describe all the features and their benefits in detail.

Also, we will compare this model to its pricing counterparts, just so you can see the bigger picture.