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The 10 best female guitarists of all time

Now, this was a tough list to make! Over the decades, there were so many great female guitar players. What makes this list even more difficult is the members of the female population have been getting more involved with the guitar than (almost) ever before.

So, without much further ado, let’s get into our top picks!

The 15 differences and similarities between classical and acoustic guitar

As in most things, the case here is not what’s better, it’s what’s more appropriate for your personal needs.

If you are a beginner guitar player, you have come to the right place, as we will be sure to cover all the basics. Even if you’re a seasoned veteran, we believe you can find value in this article. We are sure you will learn some precious info you have missed out on until now!

The 12 best guitarists of today

Nowadays, more than ever, you can hear a lot of the members of the old guard saying that “there is no good music today”. For the rock-tinged folk, that is synonymous with the assumption that there are no excellent guitar players today.

In reality, there is a whole new guitar revival going on, with some of the players spearheading a new, radically different approach to the guitar-playing sounds and technique.

Fender Hammertone pedal series review

Stop! It’s Hammertone time!

Cringey jokes aside, this is yet another great run of Fender products. If you want pedals that offer a great sound and straightforward feats, this could just be the right choice for you!

Lakland Skyline 44-64 Geezer Butler PJ review

Ahh… Terrence “Geezer” Butler… The pioneering heavy metal bassist of none other than Black Sabbath!

An idol to many, our beloved Geezer has finally made his signature Lakland PJ bass available for us to purchase. Even if you are not a heavy metal fanatic, this bass can be used in various genres. It’s an incredibly versatile piece of equipment!

Boss RE-202 review

It’s not that often that a legendary pedal gets a makeover that makes it classic, modern, and ultimately timeless! This is just the case with the Boss RE-202 Space Echo pedal!