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Music production software

All the DAW, VST plugin, and other music production software articles, reviews, guides, and tutorials at Higher Hz.

Top 5 advanced Serum techniques you can apply right now

It can be extremely daunting to open up a fresh patch in Serum, stare at the blank slate in front of you, and try to get from the default saw wave to a head-crushing bass sound, or a gentle bell pad.

This list is to give you a few places to start your sound design process, and to set you up with some common techniques you can keep in your back pocket, which you could probably use in other synth plugins too!

The best DAW software for music production in 2024

If you think about it, a DAW is for a music producer what an artist studio is to a painter: the ideal environment to enhance creativity, a set of blank canvas ready to be painted, the perfect light, and everything you need to bring your imagination to life.

The 5 best piano VST plugins right now

As pianists, we dream of playing concert grand pianos in iconic halls, but most of us have to settle for MIDI keyboards and bedroom studios (everyone has to start somewhere).

While we can’t sit you in front of a Steinway Model B or Yamaha CFX concert grand, all is not lost. Thanks to the best piano VST plugins on the market, we can get closer to those beautiful tones than ever.

The 5 best free DAWs for music production

A digital audio workstation, abbreviated as DAW, is a type of software that lets you interact with audio files, including mixing, recording, and all types of manipulation.

In order to be a player in the music industry nowadays, it’s crucial to have a basic understanding of how a DAW works.

The 9 best free VST synth plugins

It’s been a hard year and we are all looking for the cheapest way to make music that we can find, which is why we’re bringing you this list of the best free VST synth plugins around!