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Line 6 Catalyst 60 review

Would you like an amplifier that is somewhat small, yet capable of producing a near infinite number of different guitar sounds? Well, you have come to the right place.

Although an utter blasphemy to some guitar amp purists, the guys and gals at Line 6 are making some of the best value guitar amplifiers currently on the market.

At an affordable price, you are sure to get a highly versatile amp that can serve you well in bedroom, studio and live situations.

Line 6 Catalyst 60 combo amplifier review

Our verdict on the Catalyst 60 4.3

In a way, this is a pinnacle of a combo modeling amp. It is a real “bang for your buck” type of amp. At such a low price, you are getting an amp that offers a plethora of different guitar sounds.

Besides that, the amp can be connected to everything you could possibly want. The general connectivity and versatility are so pronounced that you can literally use this one as your little guitar studio.

The broad appeal of this amp is not that mysterious at all. It works great for beginner, intermediate and professional players. The portability of the Catalyst 60 makes it a great travelling companion.

Also, a great spectrum of loudness (or quietness) can be achieved. That volume range makes the Catalyst a great amp for both bedroom and onstage situations.

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Versatility 4.5

This bad boy might just be the dictionary definition of versatile! Although you only get two channels, the number of different amp modes is just shocking; in the best possible way.

Catalyst 60 amplifier - modes

Namely, you are getting six different amp modes that range from the sparkling clean sounds to utmost shrieking high-gain sounds.

The dedicated boost section can be used for all six amp modes.

Effects 4.0

The dedicated reverb section features six different reverb types. The sonic possibilities of this amp are legendary, and this feat proves just that.

Catalyst 60 amplifier - controls

Besides reverb, you can use 18 different effects to achieve some stunning soundscapes.

Connectivity 4.5

As mentioned above, this amp is great on stage or in the studio. It’s a great option at home as well. It’s well-rounded connectivity make it the perfect option in almost any situation.

The 4-channel built-in audio interface is a real superstar here! Just plug in an XLR cable from your amp to your DAW and voila! You have yourself a mini guitar studio in your bedroom!

Catalyst 60 amplifier - connectivity

This amp can be connected to a Catalyst mobile or a variety of desktop apps; which gives you a greater ability to edit or tweak your music on the spot.

Another great feature is the built-in effects loop section. It also comes with MIDI (DIN or USB) and power amp inputs. You can literally connect this one to a Tesla rocket if you wish! Well, almost…

Command complexity 3.5

Given all the different features, it surprised us how user-friendly this amp is. Having said that, this amp can be a bit difficult for beginners. There’s definitely a bit of a learning curve if you’re just starting out.

Portability 4.5

This amp is not only small in size, but also lightweight. Besides that, the digital software makes for a lesser need for heavyweight components. It can be a great travelling and gigging friend of yours!

Compared to other amplifiers

Here are a few great alternatives to consider before settling on the Catalyst 60 combo amp.

Catalyst 60 vs. Boss Katana-50 Mk2

The Boss Katana-50 Mk2 amp is yet another favorite in this pricing range and amp type. If you are looking for a bit of a simpler amp to use, you should check the Katana-50 out!

Another advantage of Katana is the impressive number of 60 different effects you can get with it. If you have the chance, we advise you to try both of these and make your mind up!

Catalyst 60 vs. Line 6 Spider V 30 Mk2

Another competitor is the Spider V 30. This one is also a modeling amp. The advantage of this one is the sheer number of tonal possibilities you are getting here.

However, the quality of the sound is better with the Catalyst. Well, to us at least! The downside of the Spider V 30 is the fact that the controls are somewhat complicated.

Those are some of the competitors in terms of price and the type of amp. You can’t go wrong in buying any one of them. The best thing to do is to try them out for yourself and make your own mind up!

Who is the Line 6 Catalyst 60 best suited for?

The Catalyst 60 is a perfect amp for an intermediate guitar player that has both studio and live duties.

Also, if you are a beginner that wants to buy an amp that would serve you for years to come, this is a truly great option!

It is a great bedroom amp, since the power attenuator gives you the opportunity to jam without waking up your immediate surroundings.

The Catalyst 60 is perfect if you are a travelling musician! This amp is really portable and versatile!

Just by bringing this lightweight amp you are provided with an abundance of different tonal options. No need for pedals, or even worse pedalboards!

  • A huge number of different tonal avenues.
  • Great in live, studio and bedroom situations.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Controls may be a bit complicated for some.
  • Not for the tube amp purists.