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IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitors review

If you’re looking for small desktop monitors, it can be hard to justify throwing any more than $100 or so at the cause unless you’re an insane audiophile.

If you do fall into that category, the iLoud Micro Monitors are a phenomenal choice to consider within this niche of the market. They’re small, compact, and while not the cheapest option, they sound far better than anybody could ever expect them to.

IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitors review
Image: IK Multimedia
  • 0.75″ HF driver
  • 3″ LF driver
  • 55 Hz – 20 kHz
  • 50 W RMS
  • 104 dB max SLP
  • Bluetooth
  • 7.09″ x 3.54″ x 5.31″

Final verdict on the iLoud Micro Monitors 4.1

I was a bit nervous to review these speakers but was pleasantly surprised. It’s inexplicable as to how they managed to achieve so much clarity in the low end out of a speaker this size. While they aren’t the pinnacle of high fidelity, they do a great job.

If you’re looking for speakers to take with you on your travels or to check playback during live recordings, the iLoud Micro Monitors are well worth the expense.

What I like

  • Compact.
  • Terrific sound for their size.

What I don’t like

  • Not the cheapest option for monitors in this class.
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Power and frequency response 4.2

The speakers have a frequency response of 55 Hz -20 kHz and 45 Hz – 22 kHz at the -10 dB points. It’s actually bewildering how great the performance is out of these small little guys.

The specs say that they have a maximum peak SPL at 104 dB, but to be frank, I wouldn’t be playing them any further above 80 – 85 dB SPL. Any further than that and you’ll start to hear the monitors distort and get angry with you, after which they’ll start blinking a little red light.

The bass sounds clear and the overall imaging sounds great. I’m really surprised that a speaker this size is capable of producing such a full sound. At low volumes, they nearly match the performance of more serious monitors.

I/O and controls 3.8

Audio may be fed through two RCA inputs or a stereo mini-jack. These speakers also have Bluetooth capabilities, which although unfit for serious mixdowns, can serve as a convenient option for more casual users.

To the side of the inputs are several EQ switches, a volume knob, and a Bluetooth pairing button.

Power is fed from an external PSU, which is far bulkier than necessary. For portable use, it may have been a better option to have internal power.

Build quality 4.5

The iLoud Micro Monitors are well-designed for what they are. You can’t expect much from tiny little speakers, but these are fairly solid. Their design is genius just for how much bass they’re able to produce.

Compared to other monitor speakers

iLoud Micro Monitor vs JBL 305P Mk2

At low volumes, the iLouds actually perform just as well as these monitors do. For those of you leaning towards more professional music-making, the JBLs are the choice for you. If you’re just looking to watch some movies or have audio for your video games, the iLouds are a perfectly decent choice.

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iLoud Micro Monitor vs PreSonus Eris E3.5

The Eris E3.5 speakers aren’t worth the money, in my opinion. If you absolutely need to have a pair of desktop speakers, do yourself a favor and save your money. The iLouds are the obvious choice here.

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iLoud Micro Monitor vs Mackie CR3-X

Again, while these things are incredibly cheap, they aren’t worth it. You can go check our reviews to see that the Mackie is better than the Eris E3.5, but that’s not saying much. Save up and get the iLouds if you can.

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Who are the IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitors best suited for?

The iLoud Micro Monitors are a great choice for anyone looking for decent-sounding speakers for small studio or portable travel setup.

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