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KEF Q350 review

With a history spanning over six decades, the British producer KEF has become a household name in the production of reliable and affordable hi-fi.

Despite the fact that quality hasn’t always been their calling card, in the last 10 years the company has delivered rock-solid bookshelf speakers, from the 2011 KEF Q300 to its successor, the KEF Q350.

The 6 best songs to test stereo speakers

While the best way to evaluate the quality and fidelity of your speakers is to try them with songs that you know by heart, there are songs out there that are perfect for testing the limits of a hi-fi system, be it for their immersive spatial sound, the wide dynamic range or the cavernous bass that characterizes them.

What makes a speaker loud and how to make it even louder?

Speakers are a vital part of today’s entertainment as far as music and even movies go. Some speakers are naturally very loud, while others are not. Luckily, there are ways to combat this issue and make your speakers even louder without too much difficulty.

In this article, we’ll learn about what makes a speaker loud, how to tell how loud a speaker is, and the different ways that you can make your speakers even louder. Keep reading to find out more!