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Home speakers

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Wharfedale Linton Heritage review

Very few speakers can convey a sense of timelessness that makes them appealing to both new and older generations. With a history spanning almost a century, Wharfedale has created dozens of incredible speakers that seem to stand the test of time, thanks to a distinctive sound and relentless technical exploration to always be in step with the times.

What is a subwoofer, how does it work, and do you need one?

If you have just started your journey in the world of high-fidelity sound, you might wonder why it’s crucial to add a subwoofer to your audio system.

After all, perhaps you just spent hundreds of dollars on professional bookshelf speakers, so why investing more and adding a subwoofer to your system?

Fluance Signature HiFi bookshelf speakers review

Over the years, the Canadian producer Fluance has made a name for itself in the world of budget-friendly audio systems, with a series of carefully-designed speakers aimed at making hi-fidelity fun and accessible to anyone.

As part of their Signature series, their HiFi bookshelf speakers aim to provide an immersive sound texture to anyone who wants to upgrade their audio system for just $200.

Sony SS-CS5 review

It’s always a good day when I get to talk about the gear I love. If you read some of my previous speaker reviews you might have noticed I often compare affordable speakers with the Sony SS-CS5, and that’s because it offers refinement and accuracy you’d never expect from a bookshelf speaker under $200 a pair.

KEF LS50 Meta review: Accurate and immersive experience

The KEF LS50 Meta is the evolution of the hugely successful LS50, released over a decade ago and still considered a milestone in terms of sound quality and design.

However, KEF felt they could further push the boundaries of audio reproduction, so they released the KEF LS50 Meta in 2020 to critical acclaim.

Polk Audio T15 review

Gone are the days when you had to spend a fortune to get a good-quality hi-fi system, and the Polk T15 is the epitome of affordable bookshelf speakers that can deliver more than they should.