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How to clean guitar strings in 5 easy steps

Have your strings lost all signs of life? Maybe it doesn’t even sound like you’re playing a guitar. Well, in that case, save yourself some trouble and get those strings changed! What if you are in dire straits (not you, Mr. Knopfler) financially? So you need to work with the strings you already have? Or maybe your strings got dirty but didn’t get the life sucked out of them? In that case, make sure to read on! We’re going to teach you all of the tricks of the string...

Squier 40th Anniversary Stratocaster Gold Edition review

There’s more to this guitar than its upscale features and eye-catching design.

If you want to find out what makes this Squier Strat model so special, especially concerning the price, make sure to read on.

Not only am I going to lay it all out in terms of grading its features, but I’m going to compare it with other similar options on the market.

The different types of guitar pedals and what they do

There are few things that get guitar players more excited than guitar pedals. These beloved stompboxes are, after all, the source of endless sonic opportunities which can ignite your creative spark like nothing else.

Top 12 best easy guitar songs to learn for beginners

Easy guitar songs might seem like wishful thinking when you first pick up a guitar. Everyone takes the same path of bum notes and sore fingers. But, all is not lost; stick with it because we have some amazing beginner guitar songs to get you playing in no time.