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Fender JV Modified ’50s Telecaster review

As with all of its JV series counterparts, this guitar could be the dictionary definition of a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”.

If you want to find out what makes this Fender Tele model so special, make sure to read on. We are going to describe all the features and their benefits in detail.

Also, we will compare this model to its pricing counterparts, just so you can see the bigger picture.

All in all, with this axe, you are sure to be getting “the best of both worlds”. The vintage look and modern playability are masterfully combined and incorporated here.

Fender JV Modified '50s Telecaster electric guitar review

Our verdict on the JV Modified ’50s Telecaster 4.2

The “JV” in the name of this model stands for “Japanese Vintage” implying that in essence, this is a reissue of the legendary early 80s Fender Japan vintage model reissues.

Since those guitars are highly sought after (due to their quality), the fine folks at Fender decided to give us the chance to get these models. Without breaking the bank, that is (which would happen if you would buy the originals).

This Fender Telecaster model is a truly great model for any guitar player that wants to have the opportunity to achieve both retro and modern sounds. That applies to both electronics and the guitar build itself.

Besides being ridiculously playable, this guitar features a fine selection of tonewoods. It makes for a great-sounding guitar with a wide array of tonal possibilities. What also adds to that is the fact that the electronics provide you with numerous switching options.

The suave look always come as a plus, right? That’s exactly what you’ll find here.

Finally, if you are a professional guitar player (or any step below), this just might be the model for you. Vintage models have become more akin to museum pieces and tend to find their way into the hands of guitar collectors. This model is a surefire way to get a great workhorse guitar at a reasonable price.

Woodwork 4.0

The body is made out of basswood. It is a lightweight wood that ensures the guitar’s portability. Sonically, basswood provides you with a rich full-frequency sound which ensures a well-balanced tone.

The neck is made out of maple and it features a slick maple fingerboard. This is sure to make your Tele chime away as any Tele should! Since this guitar is a combo of modern and vintage features, the neck itself has a satin finish which ensures a comfortable grip.

Fender JV Modified '50s Telecaster guitar body

Electronics 4.0

This guitar features vintage-voiced single-coil pickups. These pups are sure to give you all of that spanky and gritty goodness that you want from a Tele. However, there is more to it than meets the eye.

Namely, these pickups come with a 4-way selector switch that allows selecting every pickup individually. Also, you can select both pickups in series as well as in parallel.

One of the coolest features in this department is the push-pull tone control. The tonal possibilities are almost limitless with this feature. You can use the out-of-phase sounds in positions 2 and 4 when the pot is engaged.

Fender JV Modified '50s Telecaster guitar neck, fretboard

Hardware 4.5

The JV Modified 50s Telecaster comes with a 3-saddle bridge equipped with barrel brass saddles.

This bridge offers a sturdy and reliable performance with its string-through-body design. Besides all that, it just looks so classy and suave.

The tuners that you are getting here are the epitome of this guitar’s spirit. These are vintage-looking locking tuners. Super-cool!

Build quality 4.0

Although this model is not your masterbuilt custom shop extravaganza, it really shines through in this department also.

No rough edges on the neck here! The body contours are as slick as ever. Fret edges are carefully sanded off, so It’s a really great piece of gear.

Fender JV Modified '50s Telecaster guitar headstock

Playability 4.5

Now, let me tell you something; this thing plays like butter! The thick soft V neck shape makes it a great companion in both lead and rhythm work.

Besides that, the neck is of a 9.5-inch radius which is sure to stand out of your way. If it was good for Mr. Hendrix it is sure to be good for your fancy-ass, right?

The fixed bridge and the strings-through-body design are sure to give you a great amount of tuning stability.

Combine that with the locking tuners you are getting here and you can see that you are getting a real sturdy workhorse of a guitar!

Compared to other electric guitars

Let’s see how the Fender JV Modified ’50 Telecaster matches up to some other options in a similar price range.

JV Modified ’50s Telecaster vs. JV Modified ’60s Custom Telecaster

If you want a Tele, but would like a tad bit more modern variant, you can check the Fender JV Modified ’60s Custom Telecaster. The 50s one is neither better nor worse, it’s just a matter of personal preference.

JV Modified ’50s Telecaster vs. JV Modified ’60s Stratocaster

Maybe you are looking for a Strat? Well, guys and gals at Fender made sure that you have some of those in the JV series also. The Fender JV Modified ’60s Strat is a great axe at this pricing level.

Check out our Fender JV Modified ’60s Stratocaster review

Who is the Fender JV Modified ’50s Telecaster best suited for?

As mentioned above, due to its price, this is not your typical beginner guitar. However, it’s a great option for all intermediate and professional guitarists that want a great guitar without going broke.

Sound-wise, what can be said about the Tele? It’s a legendary guitar model; even a pop culture staple. You can play classic rock on it (try Jimmy Page), and some country twangy goodness, pop, lo-fi, anything you want! Well, almost.

This one’s probably not on the top of a wish list for any shred guitar enthusiast. Also, if you are a die-hard metalhead, you should probably read under the previous heading. The single-coil pickups are just not that great for high-gain guitar styles.

  • A perfect blend of vintage and modern.
  • Suave looks.
  • High portability.
  • Great tuning stability and an overall reliable guitar-playing experience.
  • Pricing may be out of your league if you are a beginner.
  • Single-coil pickups may be a turn-off for some.

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