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The 6 best drum brands in 2024 and how to choose

There are so many different drum brands to choose from. The market is flooded with all kinds of different kits and different specs. This can become overwhelming. Especially when being a beginner, it can be a tough decision to decide where to start.

The 5 best ways to learn how to play drums in 2024

Now is the best time to learn drums. There is never time to wait. Always start when you’re ready and never delay.

More than ever before are there so many different outlets to experience the craft and build the skill.

Top 12 greatest drum solos in music

Music is flooded with different musicians trying to make their mark in the industry. All too common are those who push it too far.

The passion is not there, one can tell that it is just a stunt to promote yourself. Which of course there is no problem with a little self-promotion.

Few musicians make the impact of having a standout part in a song. Here we will explore some of the greatest and most famous drum solos in the music world that were passionate and felt enough to make it on this list.

Top 12 greatest drummers of all-time

Being in the top 12 drummers of all time means much more than people think. There are hundreds of drummers to pick from. But only a few can make it here on this list. It took talent, innovation, inspiration, and passion to succeed here.

Ranging from the big band styles of the 1930’s, to the opera rock of the 70’s. All being able to play out and make an impact on the drumming world.