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The 16 best EASY songs for beginner drummers

Some of the biggest hits through the ages are the easiest to play on the drums. This can be seen through the lens of a musician noticing very similar concepts between the hits.

The 12 best drumsticks to use in 2024

Drumsticks are an important part of a drummer’s arsenal. Each drummer has their own personal preference of sticks that they prefer to use.

No stick is better than another definitively, it is all a matter of opinion that could be discussed repeatedly.

Drumsticks: How to choose the right type, size, and material

As with everything with drumming, there is a lot more than meets the eye. Yes, you’re just hitting metal and plastic with sticks, but to a drummer, much more is in play and being considered.

Drumsticks are no exception, as there are so many different choices to choose from. We will dissect the different choices when choosing a drumstick.

The 6 best drumming books for beginners

Being a drummer is a tremendous undertaking, the world is very vast with no clear point of entry. Many drummers find it difficult to find their bearing, with so many things to learn other than the basics, the next turn can be very unclear.

The 4 famous drummers who overcame disabilities

A great aspect about music is that anyone can play. It doesn’t matter your race, gender, size, where you come from, what you’re into… none of these matters. What counts is if you can play.

The 11 most famous female drummers of all time

The world of drums is mostly dominated by men. Most people could probably list two or three that play drums famously. But there is a whole slew of female drummers out there that are amazing.