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Top 13 best drummers of today to keep on your radar

After covering the best drummers of all time, the best female drummers, and the best singing drummers, somehow the drummers of today have been overshadowed.

It is extremely important for players to have people adjacent to them for motivation and inspiration. Everyone loves a good Buddy Rich solo, but me at 19, who other than ancients are destroying on the kit?

The 5 best beginner drum sets to buy under $500 and $1000 in 2024

Choosing your first drum set is a choice that will impact the rest of your drumming journey. Drumming is fun, and the experience is greatly enhanced when jamming on a proper instrument. I have compiled a list of the best beginner drum sets for anyone getting into the hobby.

The 12 best drum practice pads in 2024

Having a good reliable practice pad is essential when trying to become the best drummer you can be in the year 2024.

Being able to practice your chops on the move or in a quiet environment is a great way to keep things loose and oiled up.

The 11 best singing drummers of all time

Singing bass players, singing guitarists, singing pianists, singing harmonica players, the list goes on. Very rarely in the musical realm do we come across drummers who sing as well.

The 10 best microphones for recording drums in 2024

Today, we’re going to be going over some of the best and most popular choices available when it comes to drum microphones.

The truth is that the sound of your drums can make or break your mix, and while there are exceptions to every rule, getting the perfect drum sound is no laughing matter.