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Top 11 easy cello songs for beginners

The cello has given birth to some of the greatest musical works in history, as well as many of the best musicians of the past and present. Absolutely every cellist we admire was once a beginner and had to traverse the difficult path of learning to play the instrument. Whether they’re world-famous or playing in their living room with friends or at a family gathering, they’ve learned these songs that one could argue are as important as the most iconic pieces. After all, they are the...

The 11 best and most famous cello pieces and concertos

One of the reasons why we cherish the cello goes beyond the talents of its performers; it’s also deeply rooted in the timeless masterpieces composed for it and the brilliant composers behind them.

Among the many possible arguments for why they are among the best, one of them is that, in virtually all cases, they have stood out for enabling the most brilliant performances for such a noble instrument.

The 11 best cellists of today that you should know

In today’s times, the number of highly skilled cellists is enormous as well as the rapid and easy access we have to tons of excellent material from each of them has multiplied.

In this article, I’ll be introducing who I consider you should listen to if you’re looking to enjoy the best of the best and the reasons why I’ve chosen each one.

The 8 greatest and most famous cellists of all time

There are cellists who have undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the world of music and, in some cases, even on the world at large, not only bringing about a substantial change in their discipline but also in the lives of others.