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The 5 greatest cellists of all time

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the greatest cellists who have ever lived, each of whom has contributed to the popularization of the instrument and the enrichment of the cello sound through the unique voice that each of them possessed.

The 9 best modern cellists you should know

In the 20th century, the technique of playing the cello has greatly improved. Various cello schools have developed, and the result is a large number of great cellists we have today.

The definitive guide to cello tuning

One of the basic things about learning to play the cello is learning how the instrument is tuned.

Playing an instrument that is out of tune can make the learning process more difficult and less enjoyable.

The 5 best cellos for beginner students in 2023

To help all those who are beginners in cello playing as well as students who are thinking about buying their first instrument, we’ve reviewed some of the best cellos and cello outfits that can currently be found on the market.

The 8 greatest (and most famous) cello pieces of all time

In the past, you’ve probably heard a beautiful cello piece in passing. The best pieces leave a melody spinning in your head for a while. Unfortunately, you may struggle to find what song it was.

We believe that by listening to this list, you will be able to refresh your memory and finally those pieces endlessly.

The 9 easiest cello songs to learn for beginners

One of the most exciting things about learning an instrument is choosing a repertoire of songs to learn. It is very important that we choose something that we like and that we will enjoy playing because that will give us the motivation to continue practicing and improving our skill.