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Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro review

In this review, I’ll be taking a look at the Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro studio headphones. Beyerdynamic have acquired a healthy amount of praise for their designs and contributions to the world of audio, so let’s see if the DT 880 Pro live up to the hype.

About the author

I’m a producer, audio engineer, and songwriter with a decade’s worth of experience with a wide range of gear and recording techniques. I have worked with and tested a huge variety of headphones, including Shure, Sennheiser, AKG, Beyerdynamic, Sony, and Audio-Technica, among others.

testing the Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro studio headphones
Image: Higher Hz

Final verdict on the DT 880 Pro 4.6

The DT 880 Pro are fantastic studio headphones. They’re comfortable, neutral, and durable. With what little flaws I found in these headphones, it’s safe to say that they’re nearly perfect.

What I like

  • Amazing sound.
  • Great for mixing.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Well-built.

What I don’t like

  • Might sound too clinical to some.
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Power and frequency response 4.7

The DT 880 Pro headphones have a frequency response of 5 Hz – 35 kHz, which is rather impressive. They have a high impedance at 250 ohms, which is great for the studio, but when it comes to casual listening from your mobile device you should expect lower volumes and a shy low end.

You should definitely look into buying an amp to power these things with if you don’t have one already. Aside from all that, these are wonderfully accurate headphones.

You shouldn’t buy the DT 880 Pro if you’re looking for a lush, warm, all encompassing sound. They’re extremely clinical, and meant to help dial in the most minute details of a mix. This isn’t bad at all, but it will require some getting used to and patience from your end.

If you want better mixes, the Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro can give you a transparent lens to help you achieve that.

Build quality 4.6

The DT 880 Pro headphones are incredibly well built. They feel extremely rugged, and will certainly be able to withstand a few accidental drops.

DT 880 Pro headphones closeup
Image: Higher Hz

The frame may not feel as solid as that of the DT 990 Pro, but the earcups feel much better and have a metal enclosure to help these headphones last.

Comfortability 4.4

When it comes to comfortability, the DT 880 Pro definitely deliver. The cup padding feels incredibly soft and nice on the skin, the frame is adjustable and fits well.

DT 880 Pro padding and comfort
Image: Higher Hz

My only gripe is the amount of pressure it puts on your head, which can potentially lead to fatigue when worn for too long. Otherwise, these feel great.

Stability 3.0

Like most studio-grade headphones, these aren’t meant to be worn while you’re running or exercising. They’re not stable enough for high intensity activities like that, but when you’re in the studio they serve their job well.

Sure, they’ll be prone to fall off if you shake your head too much, but maybe you can wait to bop your head until you’re ready to listen back through your studio monitors.

Noise cancellation and isolation 2.0

While these are technically semi-open back headphones, their performance is much closer to that of purely open-back. Because of this, they don’t perform well in terms of noise cancellation and isolation.

These aren’t a great candidate for listening to music on your commute and are much more suited to be used in the studio or bedroom.

Accessories 4.5

Upon purchasing a pair of your own DT 880 Pro, you’ll receive the headphones (obviously), a 1/8 to 1/4-inch adapter, a manual, as well as a soft carrying case. All of this is pretty much standard fare.

DT 880 Pro headphones with accessories
Image: Higher Hz

I found that the soft case was great as far as protecting against minor scratches, drops, and even potential water damage.

Unfortunately, the case is rather large, making the headphones slightly less portable which can be a bit annoying. However, the case is far better at protecting your headphones than a zip tie bag of some sorts.

Compared to other studio headphones

All things considered, the DT 880 Pro are some of the best studio headphones you can buy. But here are a few worthy competitors to consider.

Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro vs DT 880 Premium (Edition)

There’s a lot of confusion as to what exactly the difference is between the DT 880 Pro and the Edition. The most obvious difference is perhaps aesthetics (black or silver).

However, Beyerdynamic states that the main difference is in comfortability, and that the Pro version has more clamping force to keep it stable, whereas the Edition model has a softer headband.

I’ve heard that the difference in the padding has some negative effects on the low-end, but this wasn’t a problem for me. They’re both worth the money.

Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro vs DT 990 Pro

The key distinction between these two sets of cans is what areas of the frequency spectrum they emphasize.

The DT 880 Pro are far brighter, focusing more energy towards the midrange and highs, whereas the DT 990 Pro are boomier with an emphasis on the low end.

They’re both quality studio headphones, but it’s up to your jurisdiction for which set would best suit your needs.

Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro vs Sennheiser HD 600

The HD 600 are more natural-sounding than the DT 880 Pro, and they have a much wider soundstage.

The DT 880 Pro are the better choice when it comes to hip-hop or electronica, whereas the HD 600 are much more of an all-rounder pick.

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Who are the Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro headphones best suited for?

The DT 880 Pro are a great choice for audio engineers looking for a quality pair of headphones for mixing and mastering.

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