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The 5 best ways to learn how to play drums in 2024

Now is the best time to learn drums. There is never time to wait. Always start when you’re ready and never delay.

More than ever before are there so many different outlets to experience the craft and build the skill.

best ways to learn how to play drums

The world started with just having to learn music by ear. You would either need to make it up yourself or listen to someone else. Then music notation came around. Allowing music to be written exactly how it was meant to be played note for note. Also allowing the capability to music moving across the world.

Recording revolutionized how music was learned and how it was taken in. This had musicians listening to tracks, then trying to replicate them by ear. This list goes on and on and on.

In the year 2024, you can now learn in whatever way suits you. Which is why this list will explore some of the best ways to learn drums in our current day.

But what does it take to learn drums? Here are some big points to keep in mind:


Probably what separates the good from the great. Passion is the internal need to play. There is something inside that desires the motions of playing the drum set.

Or maybe there is a goal in mind, something you would like to work towards in your musical journey. Possibly a guilt to become the best, you want to be the best, giving you the passion to learn.

Passion is the driving force around all crafts and skills. It keeps you going no matter what is going on in the outside world.


Again, again, again, is something that will always come from musicians’ mouths. Pushing you further and further to get that perfect take. Daily practice is extremely critical in the art of drumming.

It is a muscle bearing instrument. Arms, legs, core, everything is involved. Meaning just like exercising, it is something that needs to be kept up with.

Any days off can set you back longer than the time taken off. So, keep a daily practice regime to allow for worthwhile gains.


There are many different practice types to come across when searching for how you will build yourself as a drummer. The best idea is to taste them all.

Throughout the times you practice, diversify and allow yourself to be exposed to different ways of learning.

Not only will this increase your playing ability, but it will also increase your ability to work with different types of musicians, if that is your goal.

For example, you enjoy going by the book. Picking a book to practice, and that is all. Cycling through different literatures to increase your playing level.

You then decide to play with guitar player Bob, who is ready to write a new song. Playing the beats in your mind, Bob is not happy. But you can not come up with anything else.

This is where expanding your playing would have come in handy. Learning to come up with new things, rather than just the book.

What it takes

Drumming is an art, skill, and a workout. It takes a lot to be a good drummer. It is an undertaking to take part in this skill set. There is a complete dedication that comes with it.

Not only is it practicing every once and a while, it is practicing every single day as much as possible.

One can not just practice a single style, your portfolio needs to be diverse. And passion is a great advantage to have.

Unneeded in the grand scheme of things, needless to say your enjoyment of practice will be heightened. Do not take being a drummer lightly.

The best ways to learn drums in 2024

Let’s dive into some common and most popular ways to learn drums in 2024.

1. Books

To really get down to basics, drumming books are a great place to start. They are easy to travel with, a book and a practice pad are an unbeatable combo. They allow you to make notes, and you can skip around to where you want.

One of the greatest books you could start with is “Stick Control” (link to Amazon). Starting with seriously the basics, right, left, right, left. Giving you a great foundation to start on. It then goes onto explore other sticking patterns.

Again, a great place to start, sticking patterns simply can be overlooks. But they are the vocabulary of drumming. Think about them as the ABC’s.

learning drums from a book

Another book recommended is “The Drummer’s Toolbox” (link to Amazon). This is a great book to get started diversifying your taste and genres.

It dives into many different drumming styles. Do not underestimate the style of learning from a good book.

  • Portable.
  • Great basics books.
  • Precision.
  • Taking notes.
  • Cost of books.
  • Keeping yourself accountable.

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2. Playing to music

Many different popular and great drummers can attribute their great skill to playing along with the music they love.

Being able to replicate who your idols are can increase your desire to learn. It can almost take away the feeling of even practicing.

This also can trigger the idea of expanding your horizons. Depending on how far your musical taste stretches of course.

playing drums to music

This also helps you learn song structure. Structure is critical to being able to play in the situation of shows and writing your own music.

Training your mind to recognize sections of songs and allowing it from a writing perspective to create its own sections.

Another upside to using music is to increase your vocabulary. Being one of the easiest ways to learn new fills and grooves. At times including fills and groove that would not be found in a common drum book.

Being able to quote music creates ways to bridge gaps in communication between you and other musicians. Music is a great way to improve your abilities as a drummer, and a musician.

  • Music you like.
  • Increase musical vocabulary.
  • Learn from idols.
  • No exact notes written.
  • Overwhelming amount of choices.

3. Lessons

Taking lessons from an experienced person can be beneficial in ways that no other pathway will give you.

Having the person there with you creates a different environment. It will give you a sense of responsibility, someone else now is expecting you to practice, it no longer falls on only yourself.

learning drums with a teacher

Most likely, you will be stricken to music in that space. There will not be any distractions, the focus will be exclusively on the drums.

The experience that your teacher has should be passed on to you. Having someone in the field can allow different tips and tricks to be taught that would not be found in any book or song.

They can create a pathway, that some drummers struggle with, what to practice next. Creating a lesson plan that’s goal is to make you the best drummer possible.

Now there is the 2024 creation of online lessons. The only difference being your teacher not being physically there. The accountability will still be present, the experience, and the focus of music.

All in all, lessons are a surefire way to improve your drumming abilities.

  • One on one.
  • Practice schedule.
  • On the job tips and tricks.
  • Sense of responsibility.
  • Can be costly.
  • Possibly learning things you are not interested in.

4. Schooling

Perhaps the only way your parents will approve of you being a drummer is if you go to school. Very close to lessons but slightly different.

Depending on the lessons you would’ve taken, school is most likely much more expensive. Which again creates a field of accountability, driving you to take it seriously and learn.

learning drums in Music School

School also allows you to meet many other people in the drumming community. Creating bonds that are vital in the world of musicianship.

It also is another instance of creating a practice routine. Allowing you to have a balanced schedule to follow, making it easier to know what to practice.

Drumming is an art and craft, and just like any art and craft, being critiqued helps you grow. What is much more beneficial is having more than one person to judge you, which schoolings allows with the teachers present, and your fellow students.

Nowadays you can also do online academies and school for music. Making it easier for the everyday person to work on their drumming chops. Schools and academies are a good way to improve yourself as a drummer.

  • Sense of accountability.
  • Community.
  • Degree (official document).
  • Practice schedule.
  • Could be online to fit a working schedule.
  • Can be Costly .
  • Possibly away from home.

5. YouTube

The mother of knowledge. Where everyone turns to, to learn how to do something. Not falling short of any musical knowledge. YouTube is the most common and easiest way to learn any skill in the year 2024.

Its accessible, easy to use, and best of all, it’s free. With so many different channels to choose from, anyone can find a person they enjoy learning from. This is what makes the platform great.

Some teachers are just plain boring, some books are the same way, some people can not find a music style to get into. Which is why YouTube is there to give unlimited access to anything that is needed to peak your interest.

There is a great community of people here as well. Invoking a great sense that there are others on the same path. With this, YouTube is an amazing place to go.

  • Easy accessibility.
  • Learn anything.
  • Free.
  • Community aspects.
  • Self-accountability.
  • Overwhelming amount of choices.


If you want to be a drummer, you can do it. There are so many ways to get into the hobby. Books being a great place for beginners to start. They are portable and teach the basics.

Playing to music is the most enjoyable way. Jamming to your favorite tracks, learning from those who inspired you to starts in the first place.

Lessons, creating a sense of accountability, driving you to become the best you can be. Learning from those who have experience.

Schools, the safest bet to ensure your success as a musician. You may not be the next big band, but you will have some sort of degree to help yourself get a job in the music business.

Finally, YouTube, an all-access place to learn anything you would like on the kit. With all these different outlets, any drummer is set up for success in 2024.