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The 7 best stereo integrated amplifiers for 2024

In the constantly evolving landscape of hi-fi audio systems, integrated amplifiers bridge the gap between tradition and innovation, embodying the industry’s effort to adapt to new generations of audiophiles while maintaining the highest standards of sonic reproduction.

There’s no doubt that choosing the right stereo integrated amplifier for your hi-fi system is fundamental. It can take the sound’s accuracy and warmth to a whole new level, enhancing the quality of your music collection, be it on vinyl, CD, or streamed from a mobile device.

Below is a list of what I believe are the 2024’s best stereo integrated amps, based both on performance and value for money.

This is part of a two-article series where I discuss the best integrated amps for all budgets, and here you’ll find exclusively mid-range to high-end options. For my take on the best budget integrated amplifiers, check out this piece.

About the author

I’ve been immersed in sound since I learned how to use my parents’ old Aiwa hi-fi system. Over the years, my passion for music has developed into a full-time profession, using cutting-edge equipment to mix and master music but also running workshops on deep listening and the benefits of experiencing music in the best possible way.

testing stereo integrated amplifiers
Image: Viktor Gmyria

How I chose the amplifiers on this list?

The level of complexity of integrated amplifiers has grown considerably as the audiophile world embraces new technologies for streaming audio. As a result, this list includes integrated amplifiers that can satisfy the needs of listeners using both digital and physical media.

I considered amplifiers with a diverse range of power outputs to ensure you’ll find the one that’ll perfectly fit your existing gear and listening area.

Aspects such as connectivity options, multiple inputs and outputs, a built-in DAC (digital-to-analog converter), and a phono stage are also things I considered while compiling the list.

Finally, you probably know that some stereo amplifiers focus on accuracy over warmth, or vice versa. In this list, I included both types of amplifiers, so regardless of your taste, you should be able to find one that’ll enhance the quality of your collection.

These are the best stereo integrated amplifiers to buy:

  1. Marantz Model 30
  2. Mark Levinson № 5805
  3. Naim Uniti Nova
  4. Lab12 Integre4 Mk2
  5. Enleum AMP-23R
  6. VAC Sigma 170i
  7. Audio Hungary Qualiton A20i

Marantz Model 30 4.0

  • Power output: 100 W + 100 W (8 ohm)
  • Inputs/outputs: RCA, speaker terminals, headphone jack
  • Bluetooth: No
  • Phono stage: Yes
Marantz Model 30 integrated amplifier
Image: Marantz

Although the most affordable integrated amplifier on the list, the Marantz Model 30 is quite versatile, delivers exceptional sound quality, and is an excellent option for music lovers looking for an amp with multiple analog I/O options.

Marantz Model 30 amp inputs and outputs
Image: Marantz

The Marantz Model 30 comes with the patented Hyper-Dynamic Amplifier Modules (HDAM), which ensures low-noise amplification and pristine audio reproduction across all playback systems.

To further magnify the quality of your audio system when listening to your vinyl collection, you can adjust the impedance across the spectrum through the front-panel knob.

All in all, the Marantz Model 30 performs magnificently for the money, capturing every musical nuance with accuracy. Its versatility and advanced technology make it one of the best options for the audiophile on a budget.

What I like

  • Price.
  • Great value for money.

What I don’t like

  • More expensive amplifiers offer better sonic performance.
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Mark Levinson № 5805 4.5

  • Power output: 125 W + 125 W (8 ohm)
  • I/O: RCA, XLR, USB, optical, coaxial, headphone jack
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Phono stage: Yes
Mark Levinson № 5805 stereo integrated amplifier
Image: Mark Levinson

If you’re familiar with the world of high-end audio systems, then I’m sure you know the legendary brand Mark Levinson. Committed to delivering audio gear of the highest quality since the 1970s, the American producer designed their 5000 Series to offer exceptional audio standards at a more affordable price.

The 5805 comes in a sleek design that’ll please modern audiophiles. It’s built to last a lifetime and designed to seamlessly blend in any environment.

Mark Levinson № 5805 amp inputs and outputs
Image: Mark Levinson

It comes with multiple inputs and supports a wide variety of digital formats thanks to a high-quality digital-to-analog converter (DAC) that ensures accuracy and detailed reproduction.

The refined audio quality, certified by Mark Levinson’s legacy, combined with excellent craftsmanship and modern connectivity, make the 5805 an ideal choice for audiophiles looking for the finest listening experience.

What I like

  • Versatile.
  • Powerful.
  • Exceptional sonic transparency.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
Buy Mark Levinson № 5805 at: CrutchfieldMusic Direct

Naim Uniti Nova 5.0

  • Power output: 80 W + 80 W (8 ohm)
  • I/O: RCA, USB, optical, coaxial, HDMI, headphone jack
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Phono stage: No
Naim Uniti Nova integrated amplifier / music player
Image: Naim Audio

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution to your aural needs, here’s the Uniti Nova by Naim Audio. The Uniti Nova is an integrated amplifier designed to do it all: from streaming audio to high-quality digital and analog reproduction, defined by the finest audio reproduction standards of the renowned British manufacturer.

What makes the Uniti Nova so impressive is its modern streaming capabilities and extensive connectivity options. It supports streaming from all the popular platforms and also offers wireless streaming through AirPlay 2 and Chromecast.

The multiple digital inputs also include an HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel), which allows you to connect directly to your TV and upgrade your cinematic experience.

Naim Uniti Nova amp inputs and outputs
Image: Naim Audio

When it comes to analog reproduction, old-school audiophiles will find RCA and XLR inputs to connect turntables, CD players, and other audio reproduction devices.

If that wasn’t enough, the Uniti Nova offers a vibrant and detailed audio reproduction, making it the perfect Swiss Army knife for the modern music listener.

What I like

  • The ultimate all-in-one solution for high-quality audio listening.

What I don’t like

  • Being a Jack of all trades, other integrated amplifiers might offer fewer features but better sound quality.
Buy Naim Uniti Nova at: AmazonCrutchfield

Lab12 Integre4 Mk2 4.2

  • Power output: 75 W + 75 W
  • Digital inputs: None
  • Bluetooth: No
  • Phono stage: No
Lab12 Integre4 Mk2 integrated tube amplifier
Image: Lab12

With the Integre4, the Greek manufacturer Lab12 aimed at recreating the look and vibe of a bygone era. Its stripped-down design seeks to attract people who are only interested in the purity and quality of sound, and in that, the Integre4’s performance is nothing short of magnificent.

Sound-wise, the Integre4 offers a warm, enveloping soundscape, with KT-170 pentodes that provide power and a natural sound across the whole spectrum.

Lab12 Integre4 Mk2 amp inputs and outputs
Image: Lab12

It’s completely silent while running and highly compatible with most audio gear, making it a great integrated amplifier for those who want a simple setup and exceptional audio quality with no fuzz.

What I like

  • Warm, immersive sound.
  • The KT-170 tubes create a natural sound and last for a long time.
  • Stunning OLED display.

What I don’t like

  • Relatively unknown brand.

Enleum AMP-23R 4.0

  • Power: 25 W + 25 W
  • Digital inputs: None
  • Bluetooth: No
  • Phono stage: No
Enleum AMP-23R integrated stereo amplifier
Image: Enleum

The Enleum AMP-23R has a unique design that immediately grabs the attention, but it’s the detailed soundstage and the defined transients that make this small integrated amp a one-of-a-kind.

Despite being tiny and offering a relatively low output, the AMP-23R delivers full expressiveness with the purity and detailed imaging expert audiophiles crave for.

Enleum AMP-23R amp inputs and outputs
Image: Enleum

When paired with the appropriate (i.e., not too powerful) speakers, the sound is warm and enveloping, creating a cinematic effect you’d expect from amps two or three times its price tag.

For those looking for a unique design and the utmost sonic transparency, the AMP-23R is the answer to your needs.

What I like

  • Audio reproduction of the highest quality at an affordable price.

What I don’t like

  • Not powerful enough for demanding audio systems.
Buy Enleum AMP-23R at: Headphones.comJaguar Audio

VAC Sigma 170i 4.5

  • Power: 85 W + 85 W
  • Digital inputs: None
  • Bluetooth: No
  • Phono stage: Yes
VAC Sigma 170i integrated amplifier
Image: VAC

The VAC Sigma 170i offers excellent musicality and power, making it a great choice for music listeners across a variety of genres. Handmade and built to last a lifetime, every aspect of the Sigma 170i was crafted to deliver an unforgettable sonic performance.

VAC Sigma 170i amp inputs and outputs
Image: VAC

In terms of audio reproduction, the Valve Amplification Company did an excellent job at recreating the tube sound of old, with a detailed midrange, a crisp high-end, and a detailed bass that gives the music an impressive sense of spatiality and dynamism.

I’d recommend the Sigma 170i to audiophiles interested in defined transients and detailed imaging. You can’t go wrong with this fantastic integrated amplifier.

What I like

  • Excellent expressiveness and fluidity.
  • Transparent listening experience.

What I don’t like

  • There’s a lot of competition in this price range.
Buy VAC Sigma 170i at: Fidelis Home Audio

Audio Hungary Qualiton A20i 4.5

  • Power: 20 W + 20 W
  • Digital inputs: None
  • Bluetooth: No
  • Phono stage: No
Audio Hungary A20i tube integrated amplifier
Image: Audio Hungary

If you’re looking for a meticulously crafted integrated amplifier that offers a pure sonic performance, the Qualiton A20i by Audio Hungary is a great option at an affordable price.

The Qualiton A20i comes with a minimal yet timeless design and is built with high-quality aluminum. It offers abundant connectivity options, including four line-level RCA and one phono input, as well as a preamp output.

Audio Hungary Qualiton A20i amp inputs and outputs
Image: Audio Hungary

Elegant design and excellent sonic reproduction meet in a high-quality integrated amplifier that’ll perform magnificently without breaking the bank.

What I like

  • Superb design.
  • The sonic reproduction is warm, expressive, and timeless.

What I don’t like

  • No digital inputs.
Buy Qualiton A20i at: Tweek GeekAlma Audio

Final thoughts

I hope this guide has shed some light on the intricacies of integrated amplifiers and will help you in your quest to find the perfect stereo amp for your needs.

Before purchasing your next integrated amplifier, ensure it’s compatible with your speakers, including their sensitivity and impedance.

More importantly than the quality of single components, the seamless connection between different elements of your gear is the factor that will guarantee a pleasant, high-quality listening experience.

Good luck!