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The 7 best subwoofers for home theater and music listening 2023

Inevitably, every music and movie enthusiast gets to the point when a subwoofer is necessary to create the perfect audio experience. Whether you want to experience an immersive sound while watching movies or feel the need for absolute sonic accuracy in your listening room, a subwoofer is a must-have if you want to take your audio system to the next level.

The impact a subwoofer has on your audio system can be mind-blowing. With enhanced lower frequencies, the depth and richness of the sound textures reach a whole new level, making you appreciate the enveloping feeling of sound perfectly reproduced across the entire spectrum.

In this article, I will look into the best home subwoofers for those who want to enrich the sonic texture of their audio system with powerful and balanced low frequencies. After you buy one of those subs, your listening experience will never be the same.

About the author

I’m an audio engineer and audiophile with over 10 years of experience in the music industry. I entered the world of subwoofers when I started mixing and mastering music for a living. I’ve been studying and researching the best audio systems for years to ensure that whatever comes out of my studio sounds perfect on all playback devices. To achieve ideal results, I’ve experimented with dozens of audio systems and subwoofers, trying to find the perfect balance between sound accuracy, depth, and vibrancy.

SVS subwoofer
Image: SVS

How I chose the subwoofers for this list?

You’ll see that in the list below, there are subs ranging from entry-level to high-end, and that’s because I wanted to offer options for audio enthusiasts across all levels and financial availabilities. Regardless of their price tag, I feel each and every one of these subs offer excellent value for money, which is always my main priority.

Whichever sub you choose, I’m confident it’ll enrich your sonic experience with an immersive sound that’ll breathe new life into your audio and movie collection.

These are the best home subwoofers for music and movies:

  1. Bowers & Wilkins ASW610
  2. Monoprice 9723
  3. Sonos Sub Mini
  4. KEF KC62
  5. Klipsch Reference R-121SW
  6. Yamaha NS-SW100
  7. SVS SB-2000 Pro

Bowers & Wilkins ASW610 4.5

  • Driver size: 10 inches
  • Power output: 200 W RMS
  • Frequency response: 27 – 140 Hz
  • Dimensions: 12.2″(H) x 12.2″(W) x 14.8″(D)
Bowers & Wilkins ASW610 powered subwoofer
Image: Bowers & Wilkins

If you’re looking for a compact sub that delivers an outstanding performance, the ASW610 by the British Bowers & Wilkins is one of the finest subwoofers for all purposes.

With a frequency response range between 27 and 140 Hz, the ASW610 ensures accuracy and balance across the lower side of the spectrum, thanks to a 10-inch paper/aramid cone driver that enhances the beauty and complexity of bass sounds.

The ASW610 is also fully customizable and compatible with most audio gear. You can adjust the output through the volume, crossover frequency adjustment, and phase switch controls. Finally, you can easily connect it to your existing system through the line-level inputs and outputs, allowing you the flexibility necessary to craft the perfect soundscape.

What I like

  • Robust.
  • Compact and stylish.
  • Accurate soundstage.

What I don’t like

  • Might not be powerful enough for large rooms.
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Monoprice 9723 4.0

  • Driver size: 12 inches
  • Power output: 150 W RMS
  • Frequency response: 25 – 250 Hz
  • Dimensions: 17.0″(H) x 17.3″(W) x 17.5″(D)
Monoprice 9723 powered subwoofer
Image: Monoprice

Monoprice is a company that deserves to bask in the glory of its success. All their products offer outstanding quality at an incredible price, and the Monoprice 9723 is the embodiment of its performance-over-aesthetics philosophy.

The 12-inch driver produces 150 watts RMS output, with a frequency response ranging between 50 and 250 Hz, as well as an intuitive control panel that allows you to personalize your sound and blend it with the rest of your system through the volume control and crossover filter.

The Monoprice 9723 is an excellent affordable option for music enthusiasts and producers, but also gamers and movie watchers who want to improve their sound system without investing hundreds of dollars.

What I like

  • Great value for money.

What I don’t like

  • The design leaves much to be desired.
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Sonos Sub Mini 4.0

  • Driver size: dual 6-inch
  • Power output: 50 W RMS
  • Frequency response: As low as 25 Hz
  • Dimensions: 12″(H) x 9.1″(D)
Sonos Sub Mini wireless subwoofer
Image: Sonos

The Sub Mini is an excellent wireless subwoofer for those who are looking for a great design and legendary Sonos quality. With a frequency range reaching as low as 25 Hz and a plethora of audio settings to blend the Sub Mini with the rest of your system, this unique subwoofer can create a mesmerizing cinematic experience in your room.

What’s great about the Sub Mini is the Sonos technology it comes with. With Trueplay, the sub will analyze the unique acoustic characteristics of your environment. Finally, through the Sonos app, you can adjust EQ and bass level to match the rest of your equipment and craft the perfect sound.

The Sub Mini is an excellent choice for those who want an intuitive, technologically-advanced subwoofer with a unique design. However, there are some caveats: it might be cheap compared to other Sonos products, but I wouldn’t call it budget-friendly. Plus, you can only pair it with other Sonos products.

What I like

  • Beautiful design, compact.
  • Great sound.
  • Powerful Sonos app.

What I don’t like

  • Works only with other Sonos products.
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KEF KC62 5.0

  • Driver size: dual 6.5-inch
  • Power output: 1000 W RMS
  • Frequency response: 11 – 200 Hz
  • Dimensions: 9.6″(H) x 10.1″(W) x 11.1″(D)
KEF KC62 compact powered subwoofer
Image: KEF

KEF is a brand that doesn’t need introductions. Their product range is nothing short of exceptional, and anyone who has the budget to afford one of their high-end lines should definitely consider building a KEF audio system. The KC62 might be tiny, but the sound it delivers can go deeper than most subs within its price range, reaching an astounding 11 Hz.

The KC62 comes packed with the cutting-edge technology that defines KEF’s quality. The Uni-Core technology (a force-canceling design with two opposing drivers) ensures the low end is as accurate and balanced as possible, while the Room Placement Equalization presets will allow you to get an immersive bass no matter where you place the sub.

Like many other high-end products from KEF, the KC62 is highly compatible with most audio gear, and if you don’t want to use cables, you can get a KW1 wireless subwoofer adapter kit and position your sub anywhere in the room.

What I like

  • Goes lower than most subs.
  • Perfectly-balanced bass.

What I don’t like

  • Expensive.
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Klipsch Reference R-121SW 4.5

  • Driver size: 12 inches
  • Power output: 200 W RMS
  • Frequency response: 28 – 120 Hz
  • Dimensions: 16.6″(H) x 16″(W) x 19.7″(D)
Klipsch Reference R-121SW powered subwoofer
Image: Klipsch

Stylish, beautiful, and delivering an immersive bass experience, the Klipsch Reference R-121SW is a great option if you want to get a sub that doesn’t cost a fortune but performs magnificently.

With a frequency response range of 28 Hz to 120 Hz, and a power handling of 200 watts RMS, the R-121SW can craft a balanced and deep bass in most small/medium size environments, and Klipsch’s iconic copper-spun thermoformed crystalline polymer woofer ensures a fast response and perfect blend with the rest of your audio system.

The reinforced cabinet, built with high-quality MDF, further mitigates unwanted vibrations, bringing to life the pristine sound Klipsch is known for. All in all, the R-121SW is a great sub for the audiophile on a budget.

What I like

  • Great style.
  • Excellent bass reproduction.
  • Affordable.

What I don’t like

  • For big rooms, I’d recommend other options.
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Yamaha NS-SW100 3.5

  • Driver size: 10 inches
  • Power output: 50 W RMS
  • Frequency response: 25 – 180 Hz
  • Dimensions: 13.9″(H) x 13.9″(W) x 16.1″(D)
Yamaha NS-SW100 powered subwoofer
Image: Yamaha

The most affordable sub on this list, the Yamaha NS-SW100 is a tiny sub that’ll satisfy the needs of music and movie enthusiasts who want to explore the world of lower frequencies with a solid sub that costs less than $200.

The NS-SW100 is specifically designed to upgrade the cinematic experience of your home theater, thanks to the Yamaha Active Servo Technology II controlling the cone’s movement and mitigating distortion through a negative impedance circuit and a linear drive amplifier.

With a frequency range between 25 Hz and 180 Hz, rest assured that the space will be filled with deep and balanced bass frequencies that’ll galvanize your entertainment room.

While the NS-SW100 offers great value for money, if you want to get a sub that’ll last for years, I’d recommend investing a bit more and getting a more powerful and performing model.

What I like

  • Good soundstage.
  • Immersive bass at a very reasonable price.

What I don’t like

  • For small rooms only.
Buy Yamaha NS-SW100 at: Amazon

SVS SB-2000 Pro 5.0

  • Driver size: 12 inches
  • Power output: 550 W RMS
  • Frequency response: 19 – 240 Hz
  • Dimensions: 14.6″(H) x 14.2″(W) x 15.6″(D)
SVS SB-2000 Pro powered subwoofer
Image: SVS

The iconic SB-2000 Pro by SVS is the best subwoofer for those who want to provide a solid foundation for their music and home theater setups for years to come. This compact sub can get as low as 19 Hz, reproducing sounds you can perceive rather than hear with perfect accuracy and depth.

The SB-2000 Pro features advanced digital signal processing (DSP) technology that allows endless sound personalization through parametric EQ, room gain compensation, and an adjustable low-pass filter, blending every element of your audio system to create a coherent soundscape.

The powerful SVS mobile app adjusts the sub’s performance based on your room characteristics by carefully calibrating the output and taking your listening preferences into account.

If the budget allows, the SVS SB-2000 Pro is a subwoofer unlike any other, and it’ll upgrade your listening experience with an immersive, balanced soundstage.

What I like

  • A high-quality sub that goes deeper than most.
  • Fully customizable.
  • Enveloping sound.

What I don’t like

  • Pricey.
Buy SVS SB-2000 Pro at: AmazonCrutchfield

Final thoughts

Let me know in the comments below your thoughts on my selection and if you think I forgot to feature some great subs! Honestly, any subwoofer will significantly expand the sonic palette of your system, so if you’ve never had one, my recommendation is to find one that suits your budget and needs and get it right away.

Happy listening!


  • Please stop using the term rms power. It does not exist. Rms volts x rms current is Average power. RMS Power was a dreamed up spec by god knows who. Please stop using it as it is insulting to us electrical engineers.

    • Hi Mike! I’m not an electrical engineer. Sorry if it’s not the right technical term, but this is the common term that’s been widely used in the industry and the one most are familiar with.

  • Hi guys, thanks for the reviews and being descriptive. I was a little bummed to see REL wasn’t included, they may be a lesser known brand but from what I’ve heard (the sound of them) and what I’ve been told, they’re one of the best in market- especially since they only make subs!

    • Hi Thivi, and thanks for the feedback! REL subwoofers are great, but are also quite demanding in terms of price and positioning compared to the other subs on the list, so I preferred other options within a similar price range, like the KC62 or the SB-2000 Pro.

  • How are we to take this line up seriously when you haven’t even bothered to mention the industry giant’s in this field namely MILLER AND KREISEL and REL ACOUSTIC. This list needs to be revised.

    • Hi Dean! Honestly, I haven’t tested M&K subs yet. They seem great, definitely high-end, but ideal for the pro audiophile. This list includes a bit of everything, from subs for beginners to ones for more demanding listeners, so it’s difficult to cover every option for all levels. Thanks for your feedback!