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Top 13 best drummers of today to keep on your radar

After covering the best drummers of all time, the best female drummers, and the best singing drummers, somehow the drummers of today have been overshadowed.

It is extremely important for players to have people adjacent to them for motivation and inspiration. Everyone loves a good Buddy Rich solo, but me at 19, who other than ancients are destroying on the kit?

About the author

I am a modern-age drummer, writing here to inform the people of 2024 who they can see on a level playing field as them. Growing up with music it has always been the oldies slammed into my ear drums. When it came time to start drumming the oldies drummers came clear into view. To be honest after discovering so many of them it is nice to have something fresh. Over my time on social media and exploring the current music scene the real modern drummers have appeared.

How I chose the drummers for this list?

To make the cut all that was required was some sort of impression made, being made, or having very high potential to be made.

Engraving yourself into the drumming hall of fame is only done by those who bring something unique to the table. Even someone like Phil Rudd of AC/DC who is known for his simplicity brings his ability to etch simplistic parts into some of the biggest bluesy rock n’ roll songs.

Any of the unique characteristics and skill must be relevant, eye-popping ideas in the now.

These are the best modern and upcoming drummers that you should know:

Nandi Bushell

The young sprout

Nandi Bushell young female drummer
Photo: Raph Pour-Hashemi

At the age of six Nandi was given her first time in front of a camera broadcasted to YouTube. This would become her feeding grounds as a drummer.

Over the years, now 13, she amassed a large audience due to her wild antics and enthusiastic playing, commonly screaming through songs.

During the 2020 pandemic her fame was star blasted due to a run in with Dave Grohl, a drum off that was. Later Grohl put her into the Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert set at Wembley Stadium.

Ever since these events she has been given countless opportunities to meet other drummers and develop her craft. Her enthusiasm, young fame, connections, and showmanship make her someone to keep on your radar.

Watch this epic drum battle between Nandi and Dave Grohl

Gregg Bissonette

Antique and omniscient

Gregg Bissonette American drummer
Photo: Jim Belmont

Gregg is one of the most notorious well-rounded drummers around. He grew up in a musical family giving him a push into the business. David Lee Roth’s first solo album was Bissonette’s original big break.

He has played with plenty of musicians since, such the likes of Santana, Don Henley, Steve Vai, and Carole King have been blessed with his playing. Now he mainly plays with the Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band, what a mouthful.

You can catch him explaining his experiences across the web. Slowly Gregg has been appearing more and more on the Internet. Within the recent years Gregg has climbed the totem pole of drummers.

Watch this video of Gregg Bissonette jamming with Ringo Starr

Brandon Toews

Unseen potential

Brandon Toews drummer and educator
Photo: Brandon Toews

Drumeo is one of the largest drumming communities in the world. Amongst the many frequent faces on the platform is Brandon Toews. Through the years he has slowly moved up the ranks and is a large part of the program, the YouTube side of it at least.

What gives him this “unseen potential” tag is his access to information and proof filled pudding seen across the Drumeo YouTube channel.

Toews is one of the big interviewers who gets to talk to big names such as Chad Smith and Travis Barker. There are many other names but recently Drumeo has been bringing on big names as such and Brandon has had that honor of hosting the guests.

The pudding being referred to is his “Genius Of” series and his artist compilations. Both of which display his abilities behind the kit.

He is getting the attention of some bigger names, with our hopes of it helping him in the future become a much bigger deal in the drumming world.

Watch this epic drum battle between Brandon and Greyson Nekrutman

El Estepario Siberiano

The speed demon

Jorge El Estepario Siberiano Garrido
Photo: El Estepario Siberiano

This man just keeps getting better and better every time he is seen. In all honesty there is not much to explain here, one clip of his and you will understand why he’s here, but the description will continue.

Jorge has taken over the drumming social media space and is growing exponentially. From Spain, his growing rates can be attributed to the insane speed displayed.

On top of the zipping sticks, he does a one-handed song series. For the people in the back, Jorge plays songs such as “Bat Country” with one-hand. Without a doubt he is the first drummer I have seen doing anything like this ever, it’s his space. Of course, he has the crazy chops as well to throw on top of it.

It is going to be interesting once Jorge gets settled into a band. Once he’s comfortable and starts laying down and establishing a sound for a group, what a sound that will be. Go check him out right now if you have not.

Watch this video of his crazy one-handed drumming

Greyson Nekrutman

Modern jazz?

Greyson Nekrutman jazz drummer
Photo: Greyson Nekrutman

Greyson has also taken a large upbringing on the socials. Notably he is known for his jazz chops. Nekrutman has openly spoken about his love for the genre, and most especially the late Buddy Rich.

It is easy to see the talent in this kid. His fluidity around the kit and endurance through those jazz racks is unbelievable.

There is some controversy on whether he is really a good drummer, or just a Buddy Rich impersonator. Quite honestly each side of the debate can agree he has skill.

Currently he drums for the punk/metal band Suicidal Tendencies. As well as this, he also is appearing on Drumeo and surely will make many more appearances online. If you thought jazz was dead Greyson is bringing it back to life.

Watch this video of Greyson Nekrutman performing live with his band

Shane Hawkins

A powerful heritage

Shane Hawkins young drummer (Taylor Hawkins' son)
Photo: MTV

Son to the late and great Taylor Hawkins, Shane has a mountain to grow to. Ever since the Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concerts he has been talked about a lot. A clip was released of him playing “My Hero” during the show where he absolutely bashed the drums.

One can agree that the display of power and passion during that show was powerful towards the hearts of anyone who was a fan of Taylor’s.

Recently he made an appearance at a Foo Fighters show again proving his path in music. Other than that, the world has not seen much of the 17-year-old. Hopefully soon the world will be able to see the creative side of Shane.

Watch this video of Shane Hawkins performing with the Foo Fighters

Benny Greb

The grooviest

Benny Greb, German drummer
Photo: Benny Greb

Benny is someone who I will be doing much more research on. Optimizing the power of groove can transform one as a drummer, Greb has done this masterfully. Across the many lessons, playthroughs and tutorials he has proven his ability to not play the same rhythms, almost never. Along with this his versatility around different genres is great.

Most notably are the dynamics displayed. Along with dynamics affecting his rhythms it also can switch up the genre feel. Benny can turn what seems like a soft jazz groove into a hard rock groove just by switching the dynamics of each limb individually.

To accrue all these ideas, groove seems to be the key here. If you’re looking for a good listen, take a gander at the album Grebfruit.

Watch this performance by Benny Greb at Drumeo

Eric Moore

He’s dope

Eric Moore professional drummer
Photo: Eric Moore

Eric truly proved himself after winning the Guitar Center Drum-Off in 2003. Since then, he has played with groups such as Sly and the Family Stone and Suicidal Tendencies. Still Moore continues to tour with different groups gracing their band.

What makes him someone to keep up with is how modern his feel is. His chops and grooves are not too flashy, this does not make them easy by any means. But they still feel heavy, they are wowing nonetheless despite not being super-duper crazy parts. In other words, just like his brand, he is dope on the drums.

Part of his heritage was being a church drummer, which can be heard across his drumming ventures.

A stick out is his snare backbeat. Goodness gracious does it crack through the mix. Eric’s hands can be gracefully lapping the toms and they still manage to whack the snare just as hard each time evenly.

He is huge on social media with frequent postings making him a good advocate for young drummers.

Watch this video of Eric Moore performing live during the tour

Honorable mentions

My main list focused primarily on upcoming/current drummers. Here are some players who are more seasoned but still in the scene:

Chad Smith

Chad Smith American musician, drummer
Photo: Stefan Brending

Drummer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Chad is a beast behind the kit. Frequently he shows his love for the craft appearing on social media jamming out in his home, with the Peppers or sitting in with another band.

Travis Barker

Travis Barker American drummer
Photo: Raph Pour-Hashemi

Barker is perhaps the most talented drummer alive today. His speed is unmatched with incredible precision. Travis’s love for the music scene is visible through his collaborations with different artists and obvious dedication to the craft.

Thomas Lang

Thomas Lang Austrian drummer
Photo: Ritchey

Perhaps his most famous attribute is being able to play anything with his feet that his hands can play. It is a completely different way of looking at the pedals. Along with that he has recorded on over 250 albums making him a desired studio musician. Lang is a frequent instructor on Drumeo as well as his own lessons.

Kenny Aronoff

Kenny Aronoff American drummer
Photo: Kenny Aronoff

All that’s needed is a list of the artists he has recorded with: John Mellencamp, Elton John, Bon Jovi, Avril Lavigne, Alice Cooper, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Santana, Willie Nelson, Bob Seger, etc. He also performed the iconic drum solo for “Jack & Diane.”

Todd Sucherman

Todd Sucherman American drummer
Photo: Mark Schierholz

Just looking at his drum room shows the passion. The drummer of Styx is a real drum nerd. Frequently he appears doing drum lessons displaying a precise rock drumming style with different stylistic flares.

All in all

Having someone to look up to is important no matter what you are doing. You can learn, look up to and grow with the individual.

Across this list the drummers are just as deep in the music as you are. Many of which are still on the rise, giving them some tangibility, not being larger than life quite yet, all of which have that potential to reach such a status.

Keeping up with musicians is easier than ever with the help of the Internet. Take a page out of each of their books and track your growth alongside theirs.

Stay inspired and stay motivated!