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Author - Tijana Mihajlovic

Tijana Mihajlovic - professional cellist, author at Higher Hz

Tijana is a cellist and digital illustrator. Her interest in music dates back to her early childhood, and her love for the cello was born after she first heard the band Apocalyptica. Shortly afterward, she enrolled in music school, where she began her education in classical music.

As her interest in playing the cello grew, so did her interest in the fields of solfeggio (sounds recognized for helping with body and mental health) and music theory. This led to her being a participant in various music competitions during her schooling.

After enrolling in the music academy, she started to develop an interest in other types of art, so photography and drawing became her new hobbies. After a short period of research, she discovered digital drawing software that allows her to continue exploring her creativity. This hobby quickly became an everyday occupation. After graduating, that hobby has progressed into a part-time job.

Today, Tijana can proudly say that she is engaged in freelancing in two areas - cello playing and digital illustration.