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Marco Sebastiano Alessi

Marco Sebastiano Alessi, author and contributor at Higher Hz

Marco is a seasoned audiophile, producer, audio engineer, and senior writer at Higher Hz, where he covers hi-fi, home theater, and live sound.

Born into a creative family, Marco was immersed in music since he was born, but his desire to play an instrument didn't arise until he was 14, when he started playing the drums.

In his late teenage years, Marco discovered the world of DAWs, recording his first ambient/electronic tracks and publishing albums under various monikers and netlabels.

His studies and music career led him to London, where he graduated in Music Business at the London School of Sound and continued recording music and touring with several bands.

After graduating, Marco started his label Naviar Records, which he uses to release music from like-minded artists and friends.

Naviar hosts regular events in Europe, the UK and Australia, has a weekly radio show on Resonance Extra and has been praised by iconic music magazines such as Electronic Sound, Sound of Life, Cyclic Defrost, and more.

Currently, Marco plays the drums in the psychedelic rock band Aktopasa and continues to broaden the scope of his label.

His passion for music led him to acquire a taste for high-quality audio, so he spends a lot of time writing about and reviewing audio gear he believes people should know about.

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