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Liam Stamos

Liam Stamos, author and contributor at Higher Hz

Liam is a drummer and staff writer at Higher Hz, where he covers all things drums, from iconic drummers to advice for beginners and techniques.

He believes in the passion of music to be at the heart of all true musicians. If you have the passion for something, everything else will fall into place around your passion.

Starting off playing drums on his pillows, Liam aspired to be a drummer from the age of twelve. Eventually claiming an electric Yamaha kit to be his first. At the age of 16, purchasing his first acoustic Tama Imperialstar kit, which he still uses today.

He was involved with the school bands, marching, jazz, concert, etc. To realize his senior year of high school that there was more work to be done on his own goals, rather than promote the school band to make it in life as a musician.

Working as a freelancer has allowed Liam to expand his horizons as a drummer. He has been able to start earning for his skills, allowing him to work on making this his full-time job.

Liam is currently working on writing his own album. Playing all the instruments on it himself.

One day Liam would love to be in a band either playing his music or someone else's. Either way, hitting the stage on the drum kit is a longtime dream.

Liam takes his passion for music into as many different positions as possible, and writes with honesty, to insure the readers upmost satisfaction.

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