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James Michael Nugent

James Nugent, author and contributor at Higher Hz

James is a professional pianist, sound designer, music educator, and senior writer at Higher Hz, where he covers pianos, MIDI controllers, and synthesizers.

Having studied music initially as a pianist, he developed a passion for composition and harmony. That passion led him to sound design and the world of digital/analog synths. After starting his career as a working musician, James took a step back from performing to focus on other areas within the music industry. Over the past 20 years, James has gained vast experience as a performer, educator, composer, and content creator.

James has worked on various educational projects to highlight the many benefits of music. Through collaborations with organizations like Youth Music UK and brands like JBL, he has worked as the lead on campaigns to encourage young people to get involved in music. James has also composed music for campaigns promoting mental health awareness.

As such a synthesizer and tech enthusiast, testing, reviewing, and demoing new hardware/software is something James spends a lot of time on. Working as a writer, James covers some of the largest music industry tradeshows (especially synth-based ones like Superbooth), creating content showcasing the latest releases from manufacturers and developers.

Creating content has become an integral part of James's career and an area where he has worked with some of the music industry's leading brands. James has created demo and tutorial content for brands like Akai Professional, iZotope, and Plugin Boutique, gaining hundreds of thousands of views.

James is a music maker first, and anything he writes comes from an honest perspective of someone who loves music.

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