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Djordje Lukovic

Djordje Lukovic, author and contributor at Higher Hz

Djordje is a guitarist, composer, music producer, and staff writer at Higher Hz, where he covers all things guitar and bass.

Despite being a die-hard FK Crvena Zvezda supporter, Djordje is our surprisingly mild-mannered guitar guru. Passion for all things music and guitar have always been his primary focus. His keen interest in philosophy and his academic pursuit of psychology couldn't pull him away from music.

He has been a major force in the Serbian metal scene since his early teens. He has four albums recorded to his name (with bands such as Centurion, Quasarborn, and Space Eater).

His main passion is songwriting. One of the songs he co-wrote with Džule (the drummer for Centurion) ended up being a theme song for a show on Serbian television.

However, his field of activity is much wider in scope. To this point, he has played around 300 shows all across Europe, with some of them being in front of tens of thousands of people.

Since he graduated in music production from the prestigious SAE Institute, he quickly found his feet in the musical side of the freelance market.

Some of the highlights of his freelance work are recording guitar loops for a couple of Billboard chart-topping songs as well as writing a whole book about blues guitar. Finally working for the legendary GuitarZoom website was a dream come true for him.

Having said all of this, his freakish obsession with CBS-era Fender Stratocasters saw him gradually developing a love for writing about all things guitar-related. It is in that capacity that we got him to write some juicy articles for us!

Top 15 best guitarists in the world today (2024 update)

Nowadays, more than ever, you can hear a lot of the members of the old guard saying that there is no good music today. For the rock-tinged folk, that is synonymous with the assumption that there are no excellent guitar players today.

In reality, there is a whole new guitar revival going on, with some of the players spearheading a new, radically different approach to the sounds and technique.

Schecter C-6 Deluxe review: Amazing value for your money

If you want a straightforward, highly affordable, well-made guitar, the C-6 Deluxe by Schecter is something you should check out!

Although, often labeled as beginner guitars, let me tell you – there’s nothing entry-level about this guitar in terms of quality! The only beginner characteristic of this guitar series is the affordable price.

The 13 greatest guitarists of all time

Developing a list of the greatest guitarists ever is a pretty daunting task. Over the last 100 years, there were so many stellar guitar players who left their mark on music as we know it. The fact that I had to leave out some greats in favor of some others was nothing short of heartbreaking.

However, I have seen a great deal of utility in writing such a list. Maybe the next Robert Johnson, Yngwie Malmsteen, or Ritchie Blackmore is out there reading this article in hopes of getting inspired.

Boss Dual Cube LX review: A tremendous portable amp

Don’t let the tiny looks of this amp fool you! There’s a miraculous amount of different sonic textures jam-packed within this small Dual Cube LX amp. Given its size, it is a tremendous traveling friend and a wet dream of any self-respecting street musician!

Boss Katana-50 Mk2 EX review

If you thought Boss couldn’t improve on the existing Katana-50 Mk2 model, you could not be more wrong. The Katana-50 Mk2 EX (expandable) is an incredibly versatile guitar amp that comes within a neat package that can be used in all different scenarios!

Neural DSP Quad Cortex review

This piece of hardware modeler is so complex and versatile that it’s kind of hard to do it justice in a review article form. If you are interested in a great modeling amp that features a huge number of amps, cabinets, and impulse responses, and that’s also a great capture machine, make sure to read on!