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Author - Benedict Roff-Marsh

Benedict Roff-Marsh, contributor at Higher Hz

Benedict is a Mix Engineer, Record Producer and Composer with over 30+ years’ experience, 100+ albums and awards for film (and game) scores.

I grew up in a music al house. My Father (Guild Hall London, Cathedral Organist, Choirmaster Harpsichord) was playing Bach, Scarlatti, Palestrina, Handel, Mahler on his valve Hi-Fi, harpsichords and clavichords he built for sale. Whilst I was trying to listen to Deep Purple & Duran Duran with those terrible orange foam headphones we all had in the 80’s. All that music soaked in.

I left school wanting to be a Record Producer, like Alan Parsons. I trained for a while in a small commercial recording studio making jingles for regional AM Radio station. Not as sexy as the people I knew in Indie band studios, but I learned the value of working quickly, finishing & publishing.

I trained myself with synths seeing I noticed others in the studio were afraid of them. It was only a matter of time before I started writing my own material to give purpose to my activity. A couple of years and cassette releases later I had calls from several Indie record labels (with distribution to Majors).

VST became the thing and it wasn’t long before I was making my own VST synths & effects. For some years I ran my own line called SynthStudio Pack which became reasonably well known.

Mostly these days I focus on Mixing and Artist Development. I have a very strong belief in getting the basics right as no building stands well on poor foundations.

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For a song (or piece of music) to work it must have a structure. This is commonly built around verses and chorus.

That structure is called an arrangement. The arrangement helps deliver the story of the song in a form that is not only entertaining, but also one delivers the progression of the story being told.

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