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Aaron Cloutier

Aaron Cloutier - author and contributor at Higher Hz

Aaron is a musician, songwriter, producer, and music educator. Though a rabid music fan since birth, it wasn't until age 16 that he began his own musical pursuits when he was gifted a beat up old classical guitar and started plunking away in his bedroom.

Five years and a handful of unsatisfying band situations later, Aaron found his creative voice in multitrack recording when he purchased a Boss BR-900CD and began writing his own music. A diehard metalhead, Aaron's obsession with all things fast and loud led to a 15-song demo followed by two full-length independent releases under the moniker Davola.

Aaron's passion for music creation eventually led him to Arizona, where he studied audio engineering at the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences. Upon graduating, Aaron interned at Soundwar Studios where he scored an assistant engineer credit for his work on the album Dead New World from Latin Metal band Ill Nino.

It was during this time Aaron began teaching music at School of Rock in Chatham NJ where he would remain for the next eight years. Drawing upon his music production education, Aaron began a side career as a freelance vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter recording for numerous artists and companies including Redwirez, Korora Audio, and the late Sir Christopher Lee.

Currently, when Aaron is not composing music for himself or his clients, he spends time coaching aspiring songwriters through his website fastermusiccreation.com. For Aaron, it's all about the song so he spends a lot of time writing about songwriting, arrangement, and music theory.

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