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Audio interface reviews

We review the best and most popular audio interfaces on the market. Whether you are setting up your first home studio on a budget or looking for something more high-end, we have got you covered.

First and foremost, our reviews are honest; we will always give you the good and the bad. However, we do keep in mind the needs and budget of each user are different. So, while something might be a negative for some users, we will point out if we think it might be good for others.

See our picks for the best audio interfaces, the best budget interfaces, the best interfaces under $200, and the best interfaces under $100/$50.

Review by brand


  • Symphony Desktop (coming soon)


  • AudioFuse 8Pre
  • AudioFuse Studio (coming soon)
  • AudioFuse Rev2 (coming soon)



Black Lion Audio




Native Instruments




Solid State Logic

  • SSL2 (coming soon)
  • SSL2+ (coming soon)



  • US-1x2HR
  • US-2x2HR (coming soon)
  • US-4x4HR (coming soon)

Universal Audio

  • Apollo Twin MkII
  • Apollo Solo/Solo USB (coming soon)
  • Apollo Twin X (coming soon)
  • Apollo x4 (coming soon)

How we rate audio interfaces

As we said above, our main priority is to provide honest reviews that help people make the best choice. We rate audio interfaces in the three areas that we feel are most important to most users.

First of all, we look at the audio quality and the factors that determine the overall quality, like dynamic range, frequency response, etc.

Next, we look at the build quality. When buying any pro-audio gear, build quality is important because equipment can take a few knocks over the years. But, more importantly, these days, many producers want a mobile recording setup they can take anywhere. Life on the road can be tough on gear!

Lastly, we look at the included software bundle. We put a lot of value in this area because an audio interface is the first thing many people buy. A good software bundle lets you hit the ground running.

How we score an interface in each area varies from one interface to the next. One of the most significant contributing factors is the price of the audio interface. An audio interface’s cost combined with the quality it delivers determines how much value for money you get.

For that reason, you might see us rate a high-end audio interface lower for sound quality than we rate a budget interface. The reality is that it’s highly unlikely that a $100 interface will ever sound better than a $2000 interface. But, because of the price difference, we can’t judge them equally. We have to judge each interface based on the quality level that you should expect for the money.

In many cases, budget audio interfaces gain a higher rating in some areas because they over-deliver. They deliver quality or features that are beyond average in their price range. That doesn’t mean that we think budget interfaces are better than high-end interfaces; everything is relevant to the price.