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Audio and Hi-Fi

All the audio and hi-fi articles, guides, tutorials, and reviews at Higher Hz.

The 8 best movies to test your surround sound system

There are movies in which sound is just a background, whereas in others, the sonic elements play such a pivotal role that we couldn’t imagine those movies without the soundtracks and sound effects they have.

The 7 best audiophile headphones in 2024: Wired and wireless

What makes a pair of headphones truly “audiophile-grade” is way more than just loudness or bass levels: it’s about crafting an immersive listening experience defined by impeccable clarity, intricate detailing, and an expansive soundstage.

Audio file formats: Lossy, lossless, compressed, uncompressed

The countless audio formats available in the market might confuse even the most experienced musicians, who must be aware of all the requirements of streaming platforms, music websites, and social media before uploading or sharing audio content.

AV receiver vs amplifier: Which is better for your system?

If you’re unsure as to what sort of equipment you’ll need for your new hi-fi system or home theater, today I’ll explain the main differences between a receiver and an amplifier, two components that might seem interchangeable at first but are actually quite different.