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Audio and Hi-Fi

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The 7 best headphone amps to buy in 2024

If you’re serious about high fidelity, you know that listening to music through your smartphone or laptop can be like looking at a Van Gogh through a foggy window. You get the gist, but you miss the details: the texture, depth, and intricacies that make the experience unforgettable.

Bowers & Wilkins 603 S3 review: Accuracy and acoustic dynamism

With its renewed 600 Series, Bowers & Wilkins set up new standards of engineering among attentive audio listeners. While we often used the 603 S3 as a comparison with other high-quality floor-standing speakers, we never got the chance to look deeper into their specs and sonic performance.

So, let’s do these speakers justice and praise them for what they are: a celebration of cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship!

The 8 best songs to test your new headphones

If, for the first time in your life, you invested in a pair of professional headphones, it’s perfectly reasonable that you’re trying to figure out whether you made a good investment or not by testing them out: after all, what sounds good to you might actually not be how the music is supposed to sound like, right? Well, that’s kind of wrong.

The 8 best movies to test your surround sound system

There are movies in which sound is just a background, whereas in others, the sonic elements play such a pivotal role that we couldn’t imagine those movies without the soundtracks and sound effects they have.

Bi-wiring vs bi-amping: Which will upgrade your sound?

Going down the rabbit hole of audio fidelity means coming across the terms bi-wiring and bi-amping. These are two techniques that can help you make the most of, or upgrade, your sound system, bringing to life a soundscape that’s more defined and transparent.