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AKG K712 Pro review

Today, we’ll be reviewing AKG’s K712 Pro open-back studio headphones.

These aren’t often discussed in music gear forums and circles, and we’re curious to see why.

Are they simply not worth discussing?

AKG K712 Pro headphones review

Our verdict on the AKG K712 Pro 4.8

The AKG K712 Pros are criminally underrated, and it’s a shock to us that not many people talk about them.

They don’t over emphasize anything, and they sound incredibly mellow and smooth without ever feeling boring or losing clarity.

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Power and frequency response 4.8

The K712 Pros have a reported frequency response of 10 Hz – 39.8 kHz. These headphones have an extremely relaxed sound signature and an excessively wide soundstage.

The bass isn’t over emphasized and is actually rather lean sounding, but still has enough low end rumble to satisfy most listeners. The high end is also incredibly smooth, sounding mellow while still retaining its clarity.

It might not be best suited for bass heavier genres like Hip-Hop, EDM, or Indie Pop but it holds its own in these scenarios. Where it shines the brightest is in more intricate applications – like Film, Gaming, Jazz, etc.

Build quality 4.2

They’re fairly sturdy and robust in their design. The ear cups are dense, and the headband is super flexible.

The flexible headband is good because it can definitely handle a lot more physical stress than your average set of cans, but the adjustable part is really intricate – indicating that these headphones might take a bit of a beating after some wear and tear.

Comfortability 5.0

These are some of the most comfortable headphones we’ve ever tried here at Higher Hz. You can wear them all day and forget about it.

Not much more to add here, they just feel fantastic.

Stability 3.5

The AKG K712 Pro headphones aren’t made for sport, and it shows in their design. They slip off the head fairly easily, but are stable enough for casual listening and monitoring.

Thankfully, the audio cable is detachable, and will disconnect if it gets snagged on any equipment in the studio.

Noise cancellation and isolation 2.0

In terms of noise cancellation, the AKGs are abysmal – and rightfully so!

Because they’re open back headphones, there’s no cancellation to offer under 1k, and they’re not much more effective in the upper registers either.

Accessories 4.8

The K712 Pros come with two audio cables, a soft carrying pouch, a 1/4″-1/8″ adapter, a manual, and of course, the headphones themselves.

AKG K712 Pro headphones with accessories

This is more than enough to get you started with these, and in our opinion, this is the ideal setup that headphones should come with.

Compared to other studio headphones

Here are a few considerations before you settle upon the AKG K712 Pro headphones.

AKG K712 Pro vs. AKG K702

The K702s and K712s are practically identical despite some differences in their frequency responses.

The K702s have a lot more bass and a lot more energy in the high end, while the K712s are far more neutral.

The K712s are better for mixing and mastering, and are worth the extra money.

AKG K712 Pro vs. Sennheiser HD 660S

The K712s perform much better, but you should consider buying an amp to drive them with to get the most out of their performance.

If you’d rather save the money, the HD 660S headphones are worth the exchange.

AKG K712 Pro vs. Sennheiser HD 650

Again, the AKGs are the clear winner in our opinion, but the HD 650s are still a decent alternative if your tastes find them more favorable.

Who are the AKG K712s best suited for?

The K712s can be used for pretty much anything. Casual listening, mixing and mastering, gaming and film, etc.

As open-back headphones they aren’t the best decision to do any tracking with, since the bleed of audio will probably ruin any good takes you had.

  • Massive soundstage.
  • Highly detailed.
  • Comfortable.
  • Not cheap.
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