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Adam Audio T5V review

There are plenty of budget monitors out there to pick from, although most of them come with serious drawbacks. The Rokits are too bass-heavy, the Yamahas are too piercing, the list goes on. The Adam Audio T5V? Well, they have some drawbacks too, but on a purely objective level, these monitors perform far better than a handful of their other budget counterparts.

About the author

I’m a producer and audio engineer with a decade’s worth of experience with a wide range of gear and recording techniques. I’ve worked with a huge variety of monitoring systems, including Genelec, Neumann, Adam Audio, Focal, JBL, and Yamaha, among others.

testing Adam Audio T5V studio monitors
Image: Higher Hz

Final verdict on the Adam T5V 4.6

In my opinion, the T5V studio monitors are absolutely fantastic. Some people have their own personal gripes about the ribbon tweeters, which they’ve said causes some serious ear fatigue, or that they’re too bright. For me, I didn’t notice anything except for how great the monitors sounded.

While their frequency response isn’t as flat as some higher-end models, I found that they sounded transparent and full enough for their price range. Plus, their capability to play at loud volumes without losing clarity (especially in the low end) puts these speakers several steps ahead of the competition.

Overall, I strongly recommend taking a look at the Adam Audio T5V. At this price point, you really can’t do much better.

What I like

  • Full and transparent sound.
  • Surprisingly good bass response.
  • Stylish and well-built.

What I don’t like

  • Nothing for the price.
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Power and frequency response 4.6

These monitors have a frequency response of 45 Hz to 25 kHz and can reach a maximum sound pressure level of 106 dB. Considering that these are budget monitors, it is surprising how finely tuned the bass is on the T5V. Compared to other budget monitor speakers, there is no contest when it comes to the low end.

Even at high volumes, there is practically zero distortion coming out from the bass. You really have to crank these things to hear, just to hear any effect in the bottom end, and to be quite frank, you shouldn’t make a habit of listening to music that loud, so whatever minor amount of distortion that is present shouldn’t be an issue.

There was barely any hiss from the tweeters as far as I can tell.

I/O and controls 4.5

On the rear panel, you’ll find your standard IEC socket, On/Off switch, and volume control. The monitor has both a balanced XLR input and unbalanced RCA input.

Adam T5V monitor inputs and controls
Image: Higher Hz

Adam Audio has also provided the T5V monitor with two room control switches, so you can cut or boost 2 dB for both low and high frequencies.

Build quality 4.9

The Adam Audio T5V monitors are well-built and have a serious look to them. Ribbon tweeters aren’t something often seen in this price range either, but it’s much appreciated that Adam Audio was able to find a way to make such a choice affordable. Overall, the monitors feel solid and look great.

Compared to other studio monitors

In my opinion, the Adams Audio T5V are the best budget studio monitors right now and some of the best value monitor speakers around in any price range. But before I finish up here, let’s take a quick look at some other monitors and how they compare to the T5V.

Adam Audio T5V vs JBL 305P Mk2

While the JBLs are excellent speakers, I found that the Adams were able to produce much more bass and play much louder in comparison. The JBLs are much cheaper, however, so if you’re not looking to spend as much on the T5V, the 305P Mk2 monitors are a worthy contender.

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Adam Audio T5V vs KRK Rokit 5 G4

The Rokits are pretty divisive in gearhead circles, some people love them, and a lot of people think they’re way overhyped. In comparison to the T5V, the KRK’s bass response is a lot more overwhelming. I found the T5V produced a cleaner, fuller bottom end while not coloring the rest of the mix as the KRKs would. I pick T5V.

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Adam Audio T5V vs T7V

I figured I would throw in the next step up from the T5V, being the T7V. These are a bit bigger, pricier, and have a wider frequency response than the T5V. So if you want the T5V or already have them and want to upgrade, the T7V will give you everything great about the T5V and then some.

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Who are the Adam Audio T5V studio monitors best suited for?

The Adam T5V studio monitors are a great choice for anyone looking for a pair of quality speakers for their home studio. At just $400 a pair, they offer some of the best value for your money.

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