About us

Higher Hz is a website for music makers and music lovers of all kinds. As a team, we are passionate about making music, recording music, and listening to music. We love sharing our thoughts on musical instruments, studio gear, and Hi-Fi equipment. In other words, if it makes, records, or plays music, we like it.

Our aim/goal

We aim to help our readers make music and enjoy music, that’s it. Our goal is to assist music makers in every step, from choosing the right instruments and equipment to understanding how to get the best out of them. If you don’t make music, then our goal is to help you hear it as the artist intended.

What we do?

Our goal of helping music makers and music lovers get the best out of themselves and their equipment is never-ending, and we pursue it in a few different ways.

The main thing that we do is review equipment to help our readers make informed choices. We review everything from pianos and keyboards, guitars, and basses to audio interfaces and studio monitors.

On the Hi-Fi side of things, we review the best wireless headphones, D/A converters, bookshelf speakers, and everything in between.

Basically, if it makes noise or records noise, we will probably review it.

The other way we help our readers is by creating guides and tutorials on all things audio. It could be DAW/plugin tutorials, explaining the difference between passive and active speakers or how to clean your guitar safely.

We cover a wide range of topics for a wide range of skill levels.

How we make money?

We do what we do because we love music, but we have to make money to fund what we do.

Our team dedicates a lot of time and effort to creating quality content, and it’s our job to make sure we pay them a fair price.

It’s important to us that the readers come first, so our funding will never come at your expense.

Higher Hz participates in affiliate programs from various retailers like Amazon and Sweetwater. These programs involve placing affiliate links (buttons) on certain pages of our website, like our reviews.

The links will take you to a product page on the retailer’s website, and we receive a commission on any purchase you make.

Will we send you to random product pages?

Never. If you are looking at a product link/button, it’s because you are reading about the product in question already.

Does our commission mean you pay more?

Absolutely not! Any affiliate links we use will direct you to the best price the retailer has to offer at the time. Our commission comes from the retailer after the sale, and it allows us to pay our team. You never pay any more than you are supposed to.

Do we have a contract with the retailers and brands that we feature?

No, we don’t. We are reader-supported, which means we don’t get paid directly to review or feature specific products.

Honest reviews

Providing honest reviews is not only important to us, but it’s also vital to the success of our website. It wouldn’t be in our best interest to provide our readers with opinions that are anything less than 100% genuine.

As we said, we are reader-supported, and if we don’t give you the best advice we can, you won’t buy anything, and we won’t get paid.

Our style of reviewing does mean that we try to focus on the pros more than the cons. But we don’t do that by ignoring the negatives. If we come across a product that we think is absolutely terrible, we are far less likely to review it.

Generally speaking, we believe that anything we review has something to offer the right user. But, no product is perfect, and you can rest assured, we highlight any flaws as clearly as we highlight the good things.

That’s why you can always trust us to give our honest opinions. Check out any of our reviews, and see for yourself.

What do we look for most in our reviews?

The criteria that we focus on will change from one product to the next, but our process is always the same. We break down the most essential features of any product type and score them as individual sections.

Next, we look for features or functions that set a given product aside from the competition.

Finally, we will give it a final rating based on an average from the individual sections. We hope that our reviews make it easier for you to digest important information in a short time.

While we place quality above anything else, we do put a lot of emphasis on value for money. In doing so, we might rate an expensive high-performance product the same or even lower than a lesser product. We do this when we believe the value for money provided by a lesser product outweighs everything else.

We recommend very expensive products if we feel they are worth the investment, but we also understand the importance of getting the most out of your money.

Our team

Our team of talented and enthusiastic individuals has decades worth of knowledge and experience. From the editors to the writers and content creators, we are musicians, composers, producers, engineers, DJs, performers, and all-around music lovers. We believe we can give you the best advice because we do what you do; we don’t just talk about it.

Our experience covers just about every aspect of the music industry, and that includes playing in dive bars for very little money; you are not alone. Throughout our team, we have experience working alongside some of the leading brands in the pro audio industry and covering industry events and trade shows.

From playing in bands to engineering recording sessions to testing and reviewing new software/hardware, there isn’t a position in the industry that one of our team doesn’t know inside out.


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