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Audio & Hi-Fi

testing stereo integrated amplifiers

The 7 best stereo integrated amplifiers for 2024

In the constantly evolving landscape of hi-fi audio systems, integrated amplifiers bridge the gap between tradition and innovation, embodying the industry’s effort to adapt to new generations of audiophiles while maintaining the highest standards of sonic reproduction.

Studio & recording

testing the best audio interfaces

The best audio interfaces in 2024 for beginners and pros

Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to record music. Nearly every audio interface available has the capability to capture sound at the same quality of professional-grade consoles. While this isn’t to say that all interfaces are created equal, high-quality units are more accessible than ever.

testing Adam Audio A series studio monitors

The 7 best studio monitors for music production in 2024

During the last three years, I’ve tested a wide range of monitor speakers here at Higher Hz, and in this article, I’ll be providing you with what I consider to be the best studio monitors for music production in 2024 for home and professional studios alike.

Pianos & keyboards

testing the best digital pianos on the market

The 12 best digital pianos and keyboards to buy in 2024

I’ve tested a wide and varied range of instruments to bring you what I consider to be the best digital pianos and keyboards available in 2024. My list includes the best options for professionals, hobbyists, and a few budget options for complete beginners.

testing the best online piano lesson apps

The 9 best online piano lesson apps and platforms in 2024

Learning to play the piano online has never been more popular, but with no shortage of online courses, choosing the best one is no easy task. I decided to find the best online piano lesson platforms in 2024 to make your choice easier.

Guitars & basses

testing Boss guitar amp for beginners

The 6 best guitar amps for beginners to buy in 2024

You know how it is: you have just bought your first guitar and barely managed to sort through all the superabundant options on the market, and pick the right one. The same thing is expected to happen when buying your first guitar amplifier, right?

easy guitar songs for beginners

Top 12 best easy guitar songs to learn for beginners

Easy guitar songs might seem like wishful thinking when you first pick up a guitar. Everyone takes the same path of bum notes and sore fingers. But, all is not lost; stick with it because we have some amazing beginner guitar songs to get you playing in no time.

Singing & songwriting

breathing technique for better singing

How to teach yourself to sing better in 8 achievable steps

Everyone wants to sing better. The better command you have of your voice as an instrument the more enjoyable the act of singing can be.

Everyone can sing at a basic level – singing is what it means to be human. Whether you are singing professionally or not is irrelevant. In this article, I will guide you through achievable steps you can take to further develop your singing voice and enjoy the process!

writing powerful song lyrics

How to write powerful lyrics for your music in 7 steps

If you ask most songwriters what their biggest challenges are when starting something new, you’re likely to hear the topic of lyrics come up. I can immediately relate to this as I personally feel that the music you are writing can convey emotions on a level far deeper than any words can begin to articulate.


beginner drum set test

The 5 best beginner drum sets to buy under $500 and $1000 in 2024

Choosing your first drum set is a choice that will impact the rest of your drumming journey. Drumming is fun, and the experience is greatly enhanced when jamming on a proper instrument. I have compiled a list of the best beginner drum sets for anyone getting into the hobby.

easy drum songs for beginners

The 16 best EASY songs for beginner drummers

Some of the biggest hits through the ages are the easiest to play on the drums. This can be seen through the lens of a musician noticing very similar concepts between the hits.

Latest posts

Telefunken TF51 review: Affordable sonic excellence

Telefunken, a name often associated with pre-war era microphones and preamps, has been based in Connecticut since 2001. The company specializes in creating authentic recreations of classic mics like the U 87/47 and the C12.

While the price tags of these recreations have typically aligned with the originals, Telefunken aims to make this technology more accessible to the modern engineer.

Sonus Faber Lumina III review: Impeccable sound and timeless craftsmanship

Last month, I had the chance to test out a listening room of a Sonus Faber aficionado for the first time. Being born and raised not far from Arcugnano, Italy, where the company started in the 80s, I’ve always been proud of this little gem of design and audio fidelity that’s a household name in the audiophile world.

Drum machines, samplers, and grooveboxes explained

Drum machines, samplers, and grooveboxes are often used to do the same or similar things. The similarities are so prominent that the term drum machine is now generally accepted in reference to all three in the correct context.

Roland RP30 review: A new standard for Roland’s RP series?

Roland’s RP series digital pianos are very popular among students and teachers and have been for some time. We can attribute much of that popularity to the consistent performance of these pianos; you know what to expect from an RP digital piano, and it’s generally good value for money.

The 3D sound technology transforming live concerts

There are various factors and sectors pushing spatial audio technology relentlessly forward, but whether you’re a gamer, a cinephile, or a music enthusiast, you’ll probably know this technology is here to stay and is drastically changing the game of sonic perception.

AKG P120 vs. Audio-Technica AT2020: A side-by-side comparison

In this article, I’ll be pitting two extremely cost-effective microphones against one another: the AKG P120 and Audio-Technica’s AT2020. Both are comfortably priced at around $100, offering an affordable entry point for budding musicians, podcasters, and content creators alike.

Let’s dive in and see how they compare against each other.